Has Deanna Duggar Forgiven Counting On Alum Jim Bob?

Deanna DuggarCounting On fans are well aware that the sister of Jim Bob Duggar, Deanna is angry with him because of Josh. Fair enough, she took some heat as some TLC fans accused her of knowing about the molestation of his sisters. Anyway, the discussion went on for some time, and these days, she and her daughter Amy King seem more outspoken. Has she forgiven Jim Bob for not telling her the truth? Read on to find out.

Counting On – Deanna Duggar Edited Post About Jim Bob

Several times, Amy and her mom, Deanna talked rather cryptically about Jim Bob after the conviction of Josh for CSAM-related offenses. Actually, one post that she shared, initially said, “I was told a completely different story about a certain family member! I saw the truth in my local news.” However, TLC fans were a bit disappointed as she later edited it to sound less condemning of her brother. If you don’t know, she claimed they were never told why Josh was sent away to a special religious camp.

Counting On fans saw that Deanna talked about forgiveness but she still seemed a bit bitter as some folks called her a hypocrite. According to her, Jim Bob Duggar allegedly lied. So, she had no idea that Josh ever molested his sisters. Meanwhile, skeptical fans didn’t believe that the family could have kept it a secret. As for forgiveness, certainly,  Amy King alluded to the situation quite often.

Counting On – Fans See More About Forgiveness

More often than not, Deanna uses cryptic messages when she presumably talks about her brother and his family. This week on Instagram, she posted up a slide that said, “Forgive the people that hurt you. GOD will pay you back with double the joy, double the victory.” In her own caption, is she alluding to Jim Bob Duggar? She simply wrote “AMEN!!!?❤️.”

Deanna Duggar Forgiven Counting On Alum Jim Bob
Deanna Duggar / Instagram

Counting On fans might assume that she means that she forgave Jim Bob for allegedly telling her lies about Josh. But, forgiveness is a difficult thing to do. First look at the responses on Twitter to a story by By Emily Oster in The Atlantic. She suggested that folks should “declare a pandemic amnesty.” However, way too many people can’t stretch their forgiveness that far. Especially those who lost their loved ones who passed away without their families to hold their hands.

Deanna Duggar – Forgiveness Is Hard, But Folks Try

Counting On fans saw that Deanna admitted that forgiveness isn’t easy. She said, “Sometimes [it] is so difficult to forgive let’s say family, or friends that have hurt you! When you do forgive you are free! ?.”

As one person noted, those pesky human emotions keep on interfering with our intentions. They wrote, “Some times you have to do it over and over.??‍♀️.”

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