Is Anna Duggar DUMPING Josh Duggar While He Serves Time In Prison?

Duggar Family News reveals that Anna Duggar may be on her way out of her marriage to Josh Duggar. Anna has been very quiet since Josh was arrested on child pornography charges.

He is serving years in prison and this has impacted her and her family’s lives like she never could have imagined. There has been a lot of speculation about Anna leaving Josh. It turns out that some of these rumors could be true. Let’s find out.

Duggar Family News – Anna Duggar’s Latest Photos

Anna and Josh have seven children together and one of them was born shortly after he went to prison. She has been working to keep her family together, but things have been very hard on her.

She has been spotted at a few family gatherings, but in the photos, she looks extremely heartbroken.

Duggar Family News: Is Anna Duggar Separating From Josh Duggar While He Serves Time in Prison?Even though some fans think that she looks sad, in other pictures, she has looked a lot happier than she ever has. Could this be because she is working on getting out of her marriage?

When fans saw her latest photos, they were quick to speculate why she was looking so happy again. Some said it was because she was with her family and not with the Duggars.

Others said that she has more light in her eyes and they think it is because of the fact that she may not be with Josh anymore.

Of course, there is always speculation when it comes to Anna’s marriage to Josh, but there is some hope from fans.

Duggar Family News – Did Anna Duggar Make A Move?

Josh had a birthday on March 3 and had a lot of his friends and family come to see him. Interestingly enough, his wife and children did not come to see him.

This is why some fans believe that she is taking the steps to separate herself from him and the Duggar family. Does this mean that she is moving closer to divorce?

Josh and his legal team are still trying to appeal his case, but he hasn’t had any luck so far.

Anna’s fans believe that she is on her way to leaving him and not showing up for his birthday was a big step for her and her children.

We will have to wait and see if there are any other signs of her leaving him or if she continues to visit him.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Duggar Family News right now. Come back here often for Duggar Family News spoilers, news, and updates.

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