Josh Duggar’s Special Privileges Taken Away After Major Bust

Josh Duggar‘s special privileges could be taken away. He’s currently serving his 151-month sentence in Seagoville, Texas for obtaining and possessing child pornography. According to a new report, a major bust took place at the prison, which could impact Josh’s future. Read on to learn more.

Josh Duggar’s – Prison Unit Busted With Contraband

A warden shared an exclusive update with The U.S. Sun about Josh Duggar’s prison. His unit was hit with contraband under a major bust.

Josh and his fellow inmates could face harsher punishments as a result. There’s been a new warden assigned to the prison after the bust took place.

Josh Duggar's Special Privileges Taken Away After Major Bust“They got a new warden at Seagoville, and she’s been posting notices about contraband saying that if contraband is found in one cell in one unit, the whole unit will get shut down and lose privileges,” the source told The U.S. Sun. “Josh’s building got shook down this week and they found a bunch of contraband. I know they found a bunch of alcohol.”

Josh and his fellow prisoners could have their privileges taken away. He might have to say goodbye to his email and phone privileges.

It’s unclear whether the mass punishments have taken place. The U.S. Sun has confirmed this information with a Facebook group that involves loved ones of the inmates at FCI Seagoville.

Many of the members are outraged over the bust. New details reveal that six of the inmates were involved in the raid. Their loved ones are dealing with the aftermath. They’re not able to get in touch with the inmates.

Anna Duggar – Loses Touch With Husband

As a result, Josh Duggar could lose touch with his wife Anna Duggar. She has been by his side throughout his legal problems. Recently, there were rumors that she was meeting with a lawyer to quietly file for divorce.

This raid also suggests that Josh will lose touch with his parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. It’s unclear who’s involved in this latest raid.

However, Josh hasn’t always had good standing with the prison. Back in February 2023, Josh also got in trouble when he snuck a cell phone in with him.

He ended up at FCI Seagoville’s SHU, which means Special Housing Unit. A person who is related to one of the inmates shared their doubts about Josh’s early release.

Inmates in the SHU are only allowed “one telephone call per month.” However, he was released from SHU just a month later.

What are your thoughts on Josh Duggar’s prison raid? Do you think it’s fair that the inmates will lose touch with their loved ones? Sound off below in the comment section.

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