Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Visit Josh Duggar In Prison, What Were They Doing?

Duggar Family News: Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Show Up Visiting Josh Duggar In Prison, What Were They Doing?Duggar family news reveals that in the last week, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have gone to visit their son, Josh Duggar, who is serving time in a prison in Texas.

Josh was arrested for possession of child pornography and it was shocking when the news hit social media.

The Duggars pride themselves on being very religious and it was difficult for Josh’s family to learn of these charges.

His wife, Anna Duggar, has taken her children to visit Josh in prison before, but it doesn’t seem as if she has been there lately.

However, it looks as if his parents came to spend time with him. Let’s find out more about what happened when they were there.

Duggar Family News – Josh Duggar’s History Of Assault

Josh was sentenced to 12 years in prison and most of his family members have stopped speaking to him all together.

Anna has continued to stand by him, but there are rumors that she is seeking a split. His parents, Jim Bob and Michelle have supported him through a lot and this just adds to it.

Jim Bob has known about a lot of the terrible things that Josh has done in his life. As a teenager, he had sexually assaulted young girls, including a few of his sisters.

When his parents found out about this, they told the public that he made some bad choices as a child and they sent him away to get help.

It turns out that Josh’s assaults were just slept under the rug and his parents were supporting this the entire time.

Duggar Family News – Josh Duggar’s Time In Prison

Josh will have to spend more years in prison, but he has been shown a lot of support lately.

His parents came to see him in prison and sources close to the family pointed out that Michelle looks as if she is losing a lot of weight lately. Could this be stress getting to her?

The source mentioned that Jim Bob and Michelle were with Josh for about five hours. They talked about some happy topics since the source pointed out that Josh was smiling quite a bit and laughing.

Michelle and Jim Bob haven’t been to visit Josh in over a month, but they still continue to show up for their son and it is clear that they still support him no matter what.

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