Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown Claims Kody Brown’s Covid Drama Has Been Validated

Sister Wives Sister Wives Spoilers suggest that Robyn Brown is still standing by Kody Brown even though he admits to his mistakes. Kody’s behavior over Covid has divided the family and he has no one but himself to blame. Still, Robyn praises his every move.

Sister Wives – Robyn Brown Feels Kody Brown Has Been Validated

Sister Wives Robyn, in her usual dramatic way of speaking, swallows hard and slowly reveals that her nanny has been exposed to Covid. Robyn goes on to give dates of her child providers husband and the child care providers covid diagnoses and exposer dates. Robyn goes on to bring up that they got together for Ari Brown’s birthday and she wished they hadn’t. however, it wasn’t Kody or the kids that brought Covid into the family, it was an unnecessary employee that none of the other wives had when they were raising their children. Somehow, Robyn believes that her nanny bringing the virus into the family validates Kody’s decision to alienate his other biological children.

Sister Wives – Robyn Regrets Ari Brown’s Party

Sister Wives Robyn reveals that she regrets inviting everyone to Ari’s birthday party. If everyone hadn’t come over to celebrate, they would not have risked covid exposure. Considering that it was Robyn and Kody’s employees that caused the issue, for fans it only validates that Robyn wants Kody to herself. Robyn’s decision to back Kody on this only continues to alienate everyone else. No matter how much Robyn claims to be looking out for everyone else, fans only see that Robyn is admitting to not wanting the rest of the family to celebrate with them.

Sister Wives – Fans See The Irony

Sister Wives fans are quick to point out the irony in this situation because Kody accused his boys of not wanting to see him. However, despite Kody’s children not cutting themselves off from everyone, none of the older children have revealed a Covid diagnosis up to this point. Kody, on the other hand, revealed in a Cameo video that he had been diagnosed with Covid at one point. There is no evidence whether or not Kody got covid from the nanny and her husband. Kody has also admitted that he may have caused more harm than good with his strict covid protocol. Kody has alienated some of his older children. Kody has lost a wife as well.

As time goes on it seems very much like Robyn is getting her way because Kody is essentially down two wives and has two left. Kody insists that he doesn’t want an intimate relationship with Meri Brown or Christine Brown.

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