Sister Wives Spoilers: Is Robyn Brown The Sister Wives Supervillain?

Sister Wives Sister Wives Spoilers reveal that fans have dubbed Robyn Brown the supervillain of the show. Fans have seen Robyn’s manipulation since she joined the family. Robyn hasn’t bothered to hide how she feels this season. Now that Kody’s family has fallen apart fans have dubbed her the supervillain of the show.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Robyn Brown Supervillain

Sister Wives Robyn came into the family as a single mother with three children. Robyn came into the family claiming that she wanted to live in the polygamist family. However, Robyn has manipulated things until she is now Kody’s legal wife. Kody has adopted Robyn’s children and puts them above his children with his first three wives. When Kody and Robyn were dating he would travel weekends to visit her and her children. Kody would leave the rest of his family to fend for themselves while he was gone. Kody moved Robyn to Utah eventually before they were married shortly after the birth of Christine Brown’s youngest daughter Truely Brown. Fans believe Robyn is putting on with her concern about Kody and Christine’s marriage. Some believe that Robyn is glad that Christine is gone.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Will Robyn Brown’s Manipulations Continue?

Sister Wives Robyn and Meri Brown revealed some time ago that they were taping season 17. Fans are certainly questioning if Robyn’s manipulations will continue. After all, Meri hasn’t had an intimate relationship with Kody for over 10 years. Kody had told Christine that he didn’t want an intimate relationship with her and she refused to live Meri’s life. Kody also cannot say that he is in love with Janelle even though he says he loves her. Kody has been away from most of the family for the length of the pandemic. Robyn is making her marriage a monogamous relationship alienating one wife at a time.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Shares The Blame

Sister Wives fans realize that Kody shares the blame for the downfall of his family. Kody has not tried to maintain his relationships with his first three spouses. Kody refused to allow Meri that chance at a second child. Kody pulled away from Meri which lead to her seeking attention elsewhere. Kody did not know how to handle Christine’s need for help when she was overwhelmed. Kody could not handle Christine’s jealousy when Robyn joined the family either. Kody has tried to come between Janelle and her children while coddling all five of Robyn’s kids. Kody changed the rules when Robyn joined the family and blames everyone else.

As things continue to fall apart fans see Kody making no effort to fix things. Will Robyn have Kody all to herself by the end of next season?

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