Meri Brown Shouts Out LuLaRoe To Sister Wives Fans

Sister WivesSister Wives star Meri Brown came under a lot of pressure after Amazon aired the miniseries LuLaRich in September. Well, at the time, Meri defended the founders of LuLaRoe, DeAnne Brady and Mark Stidham. Meanwhile, a lot of other folks claimed that it’s nothing more than a pyramid scheme. Actually, some folks even claimed they ended up bankrupt after trying it out. Well, unrepentant Meri just shouted out the company again to her TLC fans.

Sister Wives – Star Meri Brown Gushed About LuLaRoe

Certainly, Meri seems very loyal and she described Brady and Stidham as being caring and compassionate. In fact, she said that they really want their retailers to succeed. Well, that’s a no-brainer. If their retailers don’t sell, then it’s goodbye LuLaRoe.

Anyway, she resolutely, and unapologetically maintains her ties with the company. Actually, TLC fans don’t begrudge her the chance to earn an income independently of Kody Brown. But, it bothers a lot of people that some folks might potentially lose their savings.

The Sister Wives star seems very different when she shouts out LuLaroe on Instagram., There, fans see a happy, bubbly, and fulfilled personality. Conversely, fans often see a miserable and torn Meri on the TLC show. Obviously, she learns a lot from her various training courses about success and positivity. Well, that also makes sense. Nobody wants to buy clothes from Moaning Mini with tears streaming down her face.

One thing that fans do know, is that Meri loves being around positive people. And who can blame her? There are not a lot of positives in the Brown family at the moment. Plus, she loves to travel and obviously, likes earning some cash from her business venture. So, she shouted out Lularo again this week.

Sister Wives – Star Gets Fans Keen On The Business

Every downline needs a strong and persuasive personality, or, nobody might sign up under them. Possibly, that’s why so many people are doomed to fail with this type of thing. Well, Meri is already popular from the TLC show. So in a way, she comes with a built-in downline. Naturally, many fans see Meri looking happy and doing well, so they wish for the same success. At the moment, her posts indicate a bit of a drive for more people to sign up under her.

This week, Meri told her fans, “I’m telling ya, there’s something about a community of people who lift each other up, who have each other’s backs, who WANT each other to succeed. This is what LuLaRoe is. This is the community we have.” She added, “This is why I’m proud of this company and the people behind it! This is why I’m not going anywhere.” Actually,she had been to Disneyland with fellow retailers and fans certainly love the idea of that.

Unrepentant Meri Shouts Out LuLaRoe To Sister Wives Fans
Meri Brown / Instagram

Unsurprisingly, the Sister Wives star got some positive relations from TLC fans. After all, friends, money-making opportunities, and fun destinations sound like a dream to many people.

Sister Wives – Fans Comment On The Post

Sister Wives fans didn’t slam Meri Brown for posting about the retail business. Instead, they envied her a bit. One of them wrote, “U r so inspiring…And I agree [about] people who can and have no problem lifting ppl up and truely want a person to succeed. That’s what a lot of this world needs. I love positive vibes ❤️.”

Meanwhile, others asked where they can buy Meri’s products online. Is LulaRoea dead in the water? Well, it hardly seems like it with ambassadors like Kody’s first wife.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.


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