Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown Hinting Monogamous Marriage With Kody Brown?

Sister WivesSister Wives fans are convinced that Robyn Brown was foretelling of a monogamous Kody Brown when she commented on polygamist men choosing one wife. In fact, many have suspected that Kody is already living monogamously with Robyn Brown. Continue reading and we’ll give you the low down.

Sister Wives – Robyn Infers That Polygamist Men Can Choose Monogamy

During a February 20 episode of Sister Wives, the third of the One on One interviews of the Season 16 Tell-All, Robyn discussed when a polygamist man could choose just one wife, leaving the others behind. The entire conversation sounded like she was trying to lay the groundwork for a future she wanted.

“If he doesn’t love plural marriage, what does he do? You know? What does he do? That’s three of us or all of us that he moves on from? And we’ve seen that in our culture,” she said, adding, “We’ve seen that where a man decides he’s done living plural marriage, and he leaves all of his wives or he leaves all but one and he goes and starts a new life, he’s tired of it.”

Sister Wives – Fans Think Robyn Brown Is Foretelling A Future With Just Her And Kody Brown

Sister Wives fans were quick to come up with theories for the meaning behind the reality TV star’s comments. On Reddit, fans began to theorize about what the comment could have meant.

One Redditor said sarcastically, “SO telling. Thanks for telling us what we already know Robyn. I loved the interviewer’s face when she said it.” Another fan just came right out and said it, writing, “I have a feeling that Robyn has some foreshadowing in that clip where she said that the man can leave all of the wives (or just keep one) and become monogamous.”

Sister Wives – Fans Claim Kody Brown Already Acts Monogamist

All through Season 16 of Sister Wives fans have witnessed Kody remain with Robyn while shunning his other wives and children under the umbrella of COVID protocols. Brown’s wife of 26 years, Christine, 49, accused Kody of “favoritism” towards Robyn, 43, and her children.

After the pandemic started the Brown family ended up breaking into two distinct groups; those who follow Kody’s strict COVID rules, and those who do not. Janelle, 52, and Christine felt the rules were too strict and elected not to follow them so Kody ended up spending nine months between 2020 and 2021 living with just Robyn and her kids. Many fans believe that it was Robyn’s plan all along, to isolate Kody from the rest so she could have him to herself.

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