Sister Wives Rumors: Season 17 The End Of The Show?

Sister WivesAfter Sister Wives season 16 saw the disintegration of Kody Brown’s polygamist family, it’s expected that season 17 will signal the show’s demise.

Kody Brown’s decidedly atypical family has consistently captured and maintained viewers’ attention for 12 years. However, Brown’s polygamist reign may be soon coming to an end with season 17 which is already in production. Continue reading and we’ll tell you why season 17 could herald the end of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives Rumors – Could KodyBrown’s First Wives All Be Finished with Him?

When Sister Wives began, Kody Brown, and his plural marriage, captured the world’s attention. It seemed that Brown had the polygamist life figured out. Unfortunately, Kody’s marriage has been on shaky ground for many years.

In the shows leading up to season 16, it was always thought that one of Kody’s first three partners would eventually leave him. It could never have been imagined though, that all three, Meri, Janelle, or Christine would manage to summon the grit to up and divorce the Brown patriarch, especially after everything the family has built together.

Sister Wives Rumors – Is Season 17 in Production?

In season 16 of Sister Wives, it became clear to everyone that there was certainly a limit to what Kody’s wives were going to endure before breaking ties. According to MEAWW, Season 17 is already in production, though Screen Rant would have you believe these are just rumors, so we’ll let the reader decide.

Season 17 will likely pick up where season 16 left off and center around Christine’s surprising exit. Where 16 dealt with all the pandemic drama and its divisive effect on the Brown family which led to Christine deciding to end her spiritual marriage to Kody, 17 will likely center on the final curtain for Kody’s plural marriage.

Sister Wives – Can We Expect Season 17 To Herald The End Of Kody Brown’s Plural Marriage?

For years Kody’s marriage to Robyn Brown has appeared to fans to be the stronger of the four but season 16 saw trouble in paradise for the couple. In 16, Kody and Robyn took a lot of heat over their strict COVID protocols. The other three wives all criticized the pair for the strict rules they claimed were to protect the whole family.

Many fans saw it as a ploy by Robyn to keep Kody all to himself but, regardless, the other three wives found the rules “suffocating,” because they kept the family divided for months. Some fans even believed that his strict rules were merely a way for Kody to have his cake and eat it too, enjoying monogamy with his fourth wife. Be sure to stay apprised of the Brown Family goings-on and return here often for more spoilers, news, and updates.

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