Robert Shinn Serves Lawsuit Against Influencer Katie Joy Over Cult Allegations

Robert ShinnRobert Shinn who founded the Shekinah Church and 7M Films production and management company has been accused of running a “cult.” It came after the family of TikToker Miranda Derrick claimed that she became estranged and is allegedly controlled by the church. Now, Katie Joy, an influencer who goes under the name of Without A Crystal Ball has reportedly been sued by him.

Robert Shinn – Isn’t The First Person To File Against Katie Joy

Katie Joy is actually the handle of Katherine Manske Paulson, but in social media circles, she is simply known as Katie Joy. Katie makes it her mission in life to uncover and investigate cults and various people associated with television. For example, she covered the trial of Josh Duggar, from 19 Kids and Counting quite extensively. Back in August last year, Todd Chrisley from Christley Knows Best filed a lawsuit against her. At the time, he vowed that it will “100 percent happen.” 

Robert Shinn is just one of the lawsuits that Katie dealt with in her life. The Chrisley lawsuit arose after Katie claimed that she had information from Todd’s estranged daughter Lindsie Chrisley, and he wanted it. At least, that’s as far as followers of the influencer can make out. At this time, it’s unclear where the lawsuit stands. In 2021, Katie claimed that the comedian and TV personality was trying to destroy her life.

The Backstory Of Robert Shinn’s Lawsuit

The Sun reported back on March 19, that Shinn faced “claims he is running a TikTok “cult” which has brainwashed top dance stars.” They cited the family of TikTokker, Miranda Derrick as saying that “The church has been accused…of recruiting her and other influencers with millions of followers working with Shinn’s 7M Films production and management company.” The source arose in a video, where basically they admitted that they have no proof the estrangement came because the church is a cult.

Robert Shinn faced a lawsuit from “former church member Lydia Chung in 2009 for allegedly cutting her off from her family, brainwashing her and defrauding her out of almost $4million.” Apparently, the lawsuit against Shinn seemed unsuccessful. Anyway, now it’s the turn of Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball to end up in a lawsuit. Katie has been very vocal about the church and Robert on YouTube and Instagram.

Katie Joy – Shares About The Lawsuit

The news that Robert Shinn filed a lawsuit against the social media influencer came from Katie Joy on Instagram on April 3. In her post, she shared a copy of the front page of the legal document. Then, in her caption, she said, “Let’s go! Discovery is about to get real! ?” Notably she pointed out that it wasn’t filed via a court. And, that means it “avoids the courts in Minnesota.”

Robert Shinn Files Lawsuit Against Influencer Katie Joy Over Cult Allegations
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Katie Joy says that she intends to “vigorously defend the claims & we will file counter suits against them for their pages smearing me.” Additionally, she says that the church is using the lawsuit of Lydia Chung as “defamation” made by her. Actually, she also noted that “Lydia” has already spoken about her issues with Robert Shinn’s church and company to “multiple media outlets.”

Remember to check back with us often for more news and updates about Robert Shinn the Shekinah Church founder and lawsuits involving accusations of running a “cult.”

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