Caitlyn Jenner Blasts Kim Kardashian For ‘Calculating Fame’ In New Documentary

Following the August announcement that there will be a docu-series titled “House of Kardashian” which would be about the famous reality tv family The Kardashians, a trailer for it has been released and from the sneak peek, Caitlyn Jenner sure has a lot to say about her ex-wife Kris Jenner and daughters.

In the trailer which was released on YouTube, Caitlyn was heard saying, “You’re kind of in one of two camps: I wanna talk about them or they’ve ruined the world,” about her family. She then closed her eyes as she said: “Oh my god. Anyway, here we go,”

The clip featured the 73-year-old saying that Kim’s rise to fame was well calculated by the SKIMS founder herself. In Caitlyn’s words, “Kimberly calculated, from the beginning, how do I become famous?” Obviously, Caitlyn was referring to Kim’s sex tape release which put her in the spotlight.

Caitlyn Jenner Blasts Kim Kardashian For ‘Calculating Fame’ In New Documentary

As for her response when asked, “What was it like working with your wife?” Caitlyn who was married to Kris for 23 years and shares two daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner with her just giggled.

Caitlyn Jenner — About The Upcoming Docu-Series

The Documentary Series “House of Kardashian” which will be a three-part series will be released on Sky Documentaries on October 8, and it will feature the ex-wife of the Kardashian’s momager Caitlyn Jenner, and one of Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriends Joe Francis.

The purpose of this docu-series is to determine what kind of influence the Kardashians are having on society at large.

The series will be making reference to the family’s first reality show with E! down to this current one with Hulu. In a statement, Caitlyn said, “I was happy to participate in the interview process to share my side which points to the strength, influence and prowess my family has in captivating the world’s attention and keeping it over the years, I am incredibly proud of all my children and stepchildren.”

An insider close told The U.S. Sun, “Millions of fans see the Kardashians as people to aspire to be like, but this new program will unpack whether these women are just selling a superficial fairytale. Caitlyn could rock the boat with the Kardashians by agreeing to sign up to the series just with the suggestion that the family is full of untalented and morally bankrupt reality stars. She’s due to give an exclusive interview and offer up her insight from an insider’s perspective, alongside never before seen footage of the Kardashians.”

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