Riverdale Alum Ryan Grantham Sentenced For Murder

Riverdale Alum Ryan Grantham Sentenced For MurderRyan Grantham was known for playing the role of Jeffery Augustine in Riverdale. Actually, the young kid actor kick-started his career on TV in The Secret of the Nutcracker, as Billy. However, all his promise and potential came to an end at the age of 24 when he was sentenced for the murder of his mother, Barbara Waite. So, what punishment will the Canadian suffer for his deed? Read on to find out.

Ryan Grantham – Was More Famous For Riverdale

Nobody ever thought that they would see “Jeffrey” going to prison in real life. The popular series that stars Mark Consuelos and his son, is fiction. But sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction. Recall, in The CW show, Jeffery killed Fred Andrews when he was out driving in his dad’s truck. In Riverdale, he confessed to his dad, the cops, and to Fred’s son, Archie, that he was driving. Now, in real life, he also turned himself in and confessed to causing death.

Of course, celebrities in the news involved in violent crime are not restricted to Ryan Grantham. Still, it seems a shame that so much lay ahead of the young man, and he threw it all away. If you don’t know, back in 2020, he shot his mom, killed her, and also planned to take out Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau However, he didn’t make it as far as that and turned himself in. This week, he found out the price that he has to pay for his actions.

Ryan Grantham – Sentenced – No More Acting?

Apart from newscasts, you probably won’t see Ryan Grantham in front of a camera ever again. Or, at least, for a long time. He will do jail time for a minimum of 14 years without parole. According to Deadline, the sentence isn’t unexpected as he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. It was just a matter of time before the court in Canada confirmed his incarceration. If you don’t know, he already spent the last couple of years behind bars while the legalities were dealt with.

According to his journal, Ryan Grantham also considered mass killings after the death of his mom. Additionally, he seemed determined to assassinate Justin Trudeau. In court, he confessed that he felt “sorry” about his crime. But, most people might try and figure out how a promising young man went so wrong, so very young.

Riverdale Alum Ryan Grantham Sentenced For Murder
Hollywood Unlocked / Instagram

When Hollywood Unlocked carried the story and shared it on Instagram, the outlet noted that the actor has suffered “an intense period of clinical depression.” 

Ryan Grantham – Dark Thoughts On The Dark Web

Ryan Grantham apparently went onto the dark web, and the outlet also noted that he “had been viewing violent footage.”

Right now, it seems that he has some dark thoughts about going into prison for a long time. As his lawyer noted, he’s “a fairly tiny person, and to go to the prison system, I’m sure it’s a daunting and scary thought for him.”

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with celebrity crime in the news right now. Come back here often for more Riverdale spoilers, news, and updates.

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