My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Have Whitney Thore And The Frenchman Split?

Whitney Thore has also been seen on vacation of her ex Lennie!

My Big Fat Fabulous LifeThe last time My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans saw Whitney Sore on their televisions, the star was trying to make it all work out with her Freenchman, aka her French tutor. After an emotional split from Chase, Whitney seemed to find love again. Despite the obstacles of her love interest living in a completely different country, it seemed like the pair wanted to make it work out.

Whitney went to visit the Frenchman whose identity she has kept secret. He seems to be a very person and  she respects that. But since returning, and while in between seasons, fans haven’t heard much about Thore or her romantic life.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Season 10 Filming Underway

Now, while filming for the new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, it looks as though Whitney Thore may have called it quits with the Frenchman. She may have also rekindled a former romance with her ex-boyfriend Lennie Alehat.

Whitney Thore has recently gone on vacation as the TLC crew films her and her friends.  Thore has also shared pics of herself on a beach get away. In the photos she shows off a favorite bathing suit as well as photos with some friends that includes Lennie, minus her bestie Heather Sykes. There is also no photos of the Frenchman. As well as no mention.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Could Whitney Thore Be Back With Lennie?

In the last season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney had many doubts about the Frenchman. She also seemed to have restarted her friendship with Lennie once again. He popped up in an episode, surprising fans and the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star.

With Lennie appearing to be hanging around and no mention of the Frenchman, many fans are sure things didn’t work out. “I take it the Frenchman didn’t work out,” one fan wrote with another asking, “what happened to the Frenchman.”

It looks like fans will have to wait for the tenth season of the reality series to see what Whitney has been up. The new series is set  to kick off on TLC on Aug 9th.  The new season, according to the network, will feature a lot of family drama and relationship news.

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