Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Give Kids Strict Cleaning Chores As Adult Daughters Flaunt MESSY Homes!

Jim Bob And Michelle DuggarJim Bob and Michelle Duggar proudly showed off their tidy home on their now-defunct TV show, “19 Kids And Counting.” And the Duggars kept their house clean by instigating strict rules about cleaning chores for all 19 kids. But as adults, the Duggar daughters don’t exactly live up to those standards. 

And some fans have slammed the girls who struggle with housekeeping away from mama Michelle’s eyes. Find out which Duggar daughters own the messiest homes below!

Which Duggar Daughters Can’t Keep Their Houses Clean?!

From dirty carpets to toilets not flushed, some Duggar daughters just can’t seem to keep their houses clean, reported the Sun. But rather than hide their messes from social media, four of the “19 Kids And Counting” alum actually flaunt their lack of cleaning! And that’s resulted in slams from fans.

For instance, “Counting On” alum Jessa Duggar repeatedly has shown off her home amid a mess. But she doesn’t seem to worry about how her house looks. And she’s definitely not alone.

Jill, Jana, and Joy-Anna join Jessa in facing backlashes over their social media posts revealing their cleaning problems. Toys scattered over the living room, unmade beds, and more result in questions from fans about why the girls have ignored their parents’ strict rules growing up. But none of the Duggar daughters have responded to that specific question.

This ‘Counting On’ Alum Shows Off Messy Home On YouTube!

The award for the unofficial Messiest Duggar Home contest goes to Jessa Duggar for several reasons. First, Jessa completely ignores the mess in her home AND the backlash from fans. Second, she repeatedly shows off her unclean home on social media. For instance, in 2020, Jessa posted a video on YouTube showing a very dirty kitchen floor with her daughter and kitten crawling all over it.

But despite the dirty floor tiles, fans did praise Jessa for teaching her toddler to love on her kitten gently. And the “Counting On” star got mixed responses to similar social media posts.

For instance, in one video that showed off toys all over the house, unmade beds, and toilets that hadn’t gotten flushed, Jessa stated, “This is our messy house.” And while some fans slammed her, others praised the Duggar daughter for keeping her videos real. Jessa promised to share a video when she finally succeeded in “getting organized.”

But thus far, the “Counting On” alum seems to feel relaxed about the reality of her house. Dirty diapers, laundry waiting for the washer, and mirrors marked with finger prints represent “real life, ‘yall,” shared the reality TV star. In all, Jessa showed off “6+ loads of laundry, a side table that probably hasn’t been dusted, and dried spit up” on the bed.

Tell us what you think. Do you sympathize with Jessa’s never-ending to-do list of cleaning tasks? Or do you think that she should follow Michelle Duggar’s strict household chores rules? After you’ve shared your thoughts, check back on our site for more Duggar family news!

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