Is A Prolific Fan Account Run By A Duggar Family Member?

Counting OnThe Duggar Family, famous for 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On on TLC garnered a lot of critics and a lot of fans. So, across social media, fan accounts and those who criticize the religious family sprang up. Actually, a lot of folks made themselves into influencers with prolific posting about the TV stars. Well, questions arise as to whether a specific one is actually run by a Duggar. So, we checked it out.

Duggar Family – Critic Questions A Fan Account

During the trial of Josh Duggar for possession of child porn, Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball was very critical of the family. Well, with the exception of those family members who seemed interested in justice being served. Well, Katie’s been around for a while now. Many folks criticize her as much of her reporting is opinion-based. Still, she always notes that she’s allowed her opinions. Since the conviction of Josh, she turned her attention to digging into the ILBP “cult,” as she terms their religion.

Now, Katie suspects that a Duggar family member might run a fan account that criticized her take on the religious organization the family is aligned with. Well, Kaite doesn’t have the exclusive rights to opinions about the Counting On family. So, it’s not necessarily a family member who writes and posts nice things about the TLC family. Still, it is worth checking out, as a lot of fans wonder who slapped back at Without A Crystal Ball this week.

Duggar Family – Fan Account Slaps At Katie Joy

Recently, Kaite Joy claimed several times, that the Duggar family harasses her for calling them part of a cult. At the moment, a lot of her posts focus on how women can’t make their own decisions. Additionally, she posted about blanket training. And she talked about the women in the family not being able to work full-time jobs.

Well, the admin of a Duggar family fan account called her out. So, Kaite Joy wondered, “Which Duggar runs this page?!” Presumably, she didn’t go and check it out too hard, as the profile info has links that might dish a bit more info.

Is A Prolific Fan Account Run By A Duggar Family Member

The fan account has also been around for a while. It has 15,778 posts and 45k followers. If you don’t want spend hours checking out the early posts, and have no idea of how IPAs work, we can assure you that there seem to be only positive posts about the family by a very dedicated fan. Interestingly, the admin hashtags their account with “#proudcatholic.”

Duggar Family – Who Is the Account Run By?

The name of the Duggar family fan account is loveduggarsforever. There, the admin doesn’t give her name. But, a link in the bio leads to a GoFundMe appeal. Dakotah-Rae Mick currently raises funds for her honeymoon. Noah and Dakotah raise funds for a trip to North Carolina and they live in South Carolina. So, the possibility that the account is run by Dakotah seems highly likely.

Checking it out, there seems to be no link to the Duggar family. However if you can establish a connection, then, by all means, help our readers and out shout out your info in the comments below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the Counting On alums right now. Come back here often for more Duggar Family spoilers, news, and updates.

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