Gabby Petito Family Issues Urgent Warning

Gabby PetitoOnline sleuths have revealed that Gabby Petito gestured for help several times during a police stop. Unfortunately, the officers missed her signals leaving her in a volatile situation that cost the vlogger her life. Gabby’s parents want others to be aware of these signals.

The Gabby Petito Foundation

The Foundation set up in Gabby’s name recently shared a story of a woman from Tennessee who used these signals. The woman alerted a cashier to her plight Lt. Mike Doddo talks about a Tennessee woman who was visiting her brother on Sunday when her former boyfriend showed up in his car. After the woman got into the car, the couple got into a physical altercation.

The woman was kidnapped and held against her will. The female in question used the hand gesture and was rescued by the police because of that. “That gesture works, the article claims. We have heard of a few rescues because of it.” The woman had reportedly asked to be let out of the car but her former partner refused. Finally, when the couple pulled into a gas station, the woman signaled for help and the cashier sprang into action.

The signal is also seen given by Gabby when talking to the police after she was with Brian Laundrie. The woman put up both hands palm forward then closed her fingers over her thumb signaling to call 911. The kidnapper left the store with his captive and crashed his truck with her inside. The man was later charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated domestic assault.

Gabby Petito – Signaling For Help

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie were pulled over by the cops in Moab, Utah in August 2021. The couple was pulled over when witnesses reported seeing them fighting. After seeing the police video, sleuths say that Gabi clearly tried to signal police officers who missed the signs of her distress.

Gabi had what looked like bruises and other marks on her face and arms. Gabby also seemed to start crying more as she noticed the police were not catching on. The Executive Director of Penelope House, Toni Ann Torrans, believes that Gabby was desperately trying to signal for help.

Gabby Petito – Was It Police Error Or Something Else?

Torrans says that domestic violence “knows no bounds.” The police often have a hard time knowing who the aggressor is in this type of situation. Gabby was clearly portrayed as Laundrie as being the aggressor in this case. However, as often happens, Petito ended up being a homicide victim. The Moab Police have not said whether or not Gabby signaled for help. However, there were rumors that Gabby had sent a text as well trying to signal for assistance. Was Gabby let down by the fact that others did not recognize the signals?

The Moab Police didn’t respond to comments on this subject. However, Petito’s family wants others to be aware to try to prevent what happened to their daughter from happening to someone else. The Petitos want others to be aware of this call for help and to act whenever possible. You could be saving someone’s life.  Keep checking Soap Opera Spy for more Gabby Petito case news and updates.

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