Joe, The Dad Of Gabby Petito Warns Of Scam By Fake Account

Joe PetitoGabby Petito died a cruel death when confessed killer Brain Laundrie murdered her. Millions of people followed the hunt for Brian and the search for her remains. This time last year, people mourned for her as her mom and dad tried to get to understand why their beautiful daughter had to die. And yet, there are scammers out there who try and make money off the tragic incident. This week, her dad Joseph Petito warned about one that seems terribly cruel.

Gabby Petito – Died Under Tragic Circumstances

Recently, Joe posted up that it was one year since they found out that their daughter was dead. In his moving post, he hung out his grief. However, he finds some comfort in knowing that his daughter helped other people to leave abusive relationships. Hashtagging how the light of his daughter’s life remains, brought many crying emojis on Instagram.

Since Gabby Petito died, the foundation in her name works hard to try and help others who find themselves in abusive relationships. In fact, they put out information such as the universal hand sign for help. Bear in mind, that a witness apparently saw her signing but not everyone knows what it means. Others reach out to the foundation with questions and fears. So, she really lives on in many hearts. And yet, someone is using the tragic death to profit off ill-gotten gains.

Gabby Petito – Scam By Fake Gabby Petito Instagram Account

Joe took to his Instagram on September 7. He shared some screenshots of a conversation about raising money for a “Gabby mural” Whoever it is, seems to act as if they are actually her mom. However, one sign to look for with scams is grammatically bad English. Joe said, “This is the account trying to scam people on #instagram and it [is] this kind of stuff that makes me sick. We would never do this. #scammers suck!!!.”

Joe The Dad Of Gabby Petito Warns Of Scam By Fake Account
Via Joseph Petito / Instagram

On Instagram, there are several Gabby Petito accounts, and fans thought they discovered which one it is. Some folks went there and one of them wrote, “Stop scamming people using her to get money. Joseph petito just exposed you to everyone.” Hopefully, Joe has already notified Instagram of the scammer’s account.

Joe Petito’s – Followers React To The News

Gabby Petito is special to many people. So, they came out in full condemnation of the scammers. One of them said, “I got this message too, and just had a bad feeling. I’m so sorry people are taking advantage.”

Meanwhile, another follower wrote, “You can totally tell by the broken English this is a scam. Be diligent friends!.”

And that is where we leave this story. Vigilance is important. Nobody wants to enrich a scammer at the expense of her family and her memory.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the family of Gabby Petito right now. Come back here often for more crime spoilers, news, and updates.

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