Dad Joe Shares Photo Of Gabby Petito On National Daughters Day

Gabby PetitoGabby Petito died for all the wrong reasons but, if there is any comfort to be found, it’s the profound impact that her death had on women who suffer from violence. However, that can’t make it any easier for her dad, Joe. Especially, on days like National Daughters Day.

Gabby Petito – Left A Legacy Of Love & Caring

The tragedy of a man’s daughter lost before her life was really just beginning didn’t drive Joe Petito behind four walls. Instead, they set up a foundation that helps other families locate missing loved ones. For example, when Kiely Rodni disappeared in California, Joe followed the case. So, when she was found dead, he reached out to the family, although it made him think of the day his own daughter died at the hands of Brian Laundrie.

Such altruistic actions make followers of Joe react with plenty of loving support. So, when he spoke out on the anniversary of the death of Gabby Petito, thousands of people sent him encouragement. And amongst those people, were those who learned from the tragic murder, how to walk away from their own abusive relationships.

Gabby Petito – Remembered In Throwback Photo

On September 25, Joe took to his Instagram and shared a photo of himself with his daughter in happier days. No words were needed to show the loving relationship they had. So, he just captioned  it with, “#HappyNationalDaughtersDay.” In the photo, their close relationship was very obvious. She looked so young and vibrant, and her dad smiled proudly for the camera. Clearly, he adored his beautiful daughter.

Dad Joe Shares Photo Of Gabby Petito On National Daughters Day
Joe Petito / Instagram

Followers of the Gabby Petito case stuck with following her dad, Joe. So, plenty of folks were on hand to try and give him encouragement and support. One of them wrote, “Forever your ray of sunshine ❤️❤️?.” 

Meanwhile, others understand the bittersweetness of looking through old photos from happier days. So, a follower said, “Sending you lots of love ?.”

Others really appreciate that Joe still shares his life with them. This comment is one example: “Your daughter was such a beautiful soul.❤️ thank you for sharing beautiful memories with us!”

Many people are struck by the ethereal beauty that Gabby carried around like an aura. One of them wrote, “Awww she’s so beautiful. ❤️ sending so much love today and always ❤️.”

Gabby Petito -The Meaning Of Life And Loss

Gabby Petito died needlessly, alone, and her death was very tragic. Instead of living a life to the full, it ended prematurely. When that happens, folks wonder why these things are allowed to happen in the universe. Sometimes, there’s a special legacy left after such a tragic passing. Many people find inspiration and even get their lives back on track since Gabby died at the hand of an abusive man. In this way, they keep her alive in their thoguths. To this day, they still pray for her family, that they will work their way out of their grief and into the light that was once a beautiful young woman.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the family of Gabby Petito right now. Come back here often for more crime spoilers, news, and updates.

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