Did Flagstaff Work Out For Sister Wives Star Kody Brown?

Sister WivesSister Wives fans suspect that Kody Brown’s favorite wife Robyn was behind the move to Flagstaff. However, that is speculation, and it might be that they were about to face problems with polygamy in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, other critics suspect that the balloon payments were due on the houses. Well, the sudden move took fans by surprise, but did it work out well for Kody?

Sister Wives – Fans Saw Kody Brown Took Time To Sell Houses

The initial plan by Kody was to sell off the four homes in Las Vegas and use the money to build a large mansion at Coyote Pass. Fans saw that it never happened and the wives either got their own homes in town or rented. Later, fans saw that he handed over the title to Christine for her house and she sold it. At the time, fans heard from Mykelti that it was just because it was a seller’s market. But later, it emerged that she left him and relocated to Utah.

Ever since the Sister Wives family arrived in Flagstaff, fans saw that they struggled for money. Well, it looked like covid put an end to Kody’s income as a buyer and seller of collectibles. Mind you, recent stories go around that he might have a job selling guns. Still, it can’t earn him a lot of cash, and the homes took so long to sell in Las Vegas that Janelle really stressed about how they were going broke. So, have things improved for Kody, and did he make the right decision to move to Flagstaff?

Sister Wives – Fans Discuss The Move To Flagstaff

Kody Brown was the subject of discussion on Reddit this week. The conversation about how well it worked for Kody came in the comments of a post by u/Own-Albatross2698 on the TLCSisterWives subreddit. It started when they spoke about Season 14 when the family was in such a rush to leave town, that they seemed to have abandoned a lot of personal belongings. Well, user r/rimjobnemesis summed up their current status.

They pointed out that it didn’t work out well for Kody, They added, “he’s got an overpriced house with Robyn and some land with some trees and a pit full of dirty water. And one less wife and some kids who don’t like him very much”

Did Flagstaff Work Out For Sister Wives Star Kody Brown
rimjobnemesis / TLCsisterwives Subreddit

Well, other Sister Wives fans agree that the move didn’t end well for the family at all. Whilst Janelle loves the forests and the wildlife, Meri is hardly ever there and is unwanted anyway. Janelle’s kids seem estranged from their dad, and as fans know, Christine kicked him and Flagstaff to the curb and left for Utah.

Sister Wives – Things Didn’t Work Out Well – Or Did They?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown might regret the move to Flagstaff. However, if there is any truth behind the rumors, he might have gotten what he wanted: Robyn. The whole family fell apart after the move except that Kody now spends most of his time living with Robyn. Maybe that’s what he really wanted. Your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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