Seeking Sister Wife: Sophie Winder Praises Tami Who Helps With Baby

Seeking Sister Wife:Seeking Sister Wife Sophie Winder and Colton’s first wife Tami seem a perfect example of how polygamy can work without too much jealousy. Between the two women, they had two kids, Sadie and Ephraim. Now, with baby Isabella arriving, Tami stepped in to help out Sophie who was missing time with her son Ephraim.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers – The New Baby For Sophie Winder

When Sophie was still expecting her second child, she went through a few scary moments. At one stage, pre-week 35, it seemed that the child might arrive a bit too early. Fortunately, the early signs of labor diminished, and all went well for the rest of the pregnancy. In the case of Sophie, it all seemed extra special, as she battled with infertility for a while. In fact, she struggled before Ephraim arrived.

The Seeking Sister Wife family announced the arrival of the second child for Sophie Winder on November 11. The Instagram caption read, “Isabella Grace Winder made a slightly early entrance into the world last night, and we’re so grateful she has joined our family, now especially in this month of thankfulness and gratitude.” Now that the baby demands a lot of her time, Sophie struggles with her son Ephriam. But, Tami stepped in to help.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers – Tami Winder Steps In To Help Out

Sophie Winder took to her Instagram on Wednesday, November 24, and spoke about Ephraim and the new baby. In her caption, she said, “One of the hardest parts about welcoming home our sweet baby girl, Isabella, has been the feeling of Isabella replacing Ephraim as my baby.” The problem was that she couldn’t spare the time to “care for Ephraim.” She was so busy with Isabella as she recovered from the birth she felt really bad about her son.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers – Sophie Winder Praises Tami Winder Who Helps With Baby

The Seeking Sister Wife star continued by saying that she “had an emotional breakdown in the kitchen.” Fortunately, Tami reached out to her and between them, they came up with a solution. Sophie wrote, “We both went to work at changing up our routines in order to fix the situation. Now, I am able to help Ephraim go down for his naps, while she holds Isabella, and everything feels so much better ♥️.”

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers – Shoutout For Tami Winder

Seeking Sister Wife Sophie Winder clearly adores the first wife of Colton. She said that she wanted to shout out to her. Additionally, she described her as “the other mother of my children, and the best sister-wife I could ask for.” Certainly, when things work well between wives, polygamy can actually make life a bit easier.

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