Royal Family News: The Queen’s Cousin Gives Zero Thoughts About Mouthy Meghan and Harry

British royal family news teases that one of Queen Elizabeth’s relatives is giving her take on the infamous interview that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave to Oprah Winfrey.

In it they trashed the royal family and aired a laundry list of their grievances, with no chance given to the dragged to respond.

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The relative is the queen’s third cousin, Russian Princess Olga Romanov. ITV is airing a special called The Queen and her Cousins and Olga participates.

The host is Pointless presenter Alexander Armstrong and the documentary explores Her Royal Highness’s extended family in depth. Like the Markle’s, Princess Olga is not timid about speaking her mind. She makes it crystal clear that she does not agree with the way in which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle handled their beef.

Olga is the first of three cousins Alexander meets on his travels and she accompanies him for the entire show.

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When Alexander asks her, “Is there still a fairy story thing that attaches to royalty do you think?” Olga replies, “Well yes and no. It all depends on how many times they tell you about their problems on television which I’m afraid I’m not very keen on.”

Alexander gets that she is talking about the relocated former royal pair and asks what her opinion of the Sussexes is, to which honest Olga says, “Not great.”

Olga adds, “I mean the Queen’s never sat there and said about anything that makes her miserable has she? She’s always got on with it.”

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“The most she ever did was that Annus Horribilis which I thought was wonderful. I think a bit of mystique and all that is a very good thing.”

Unlike the tactful queen, her grandson and his wife found it necessary to tell Oprah and the world how disgruntled they are with their lives and blame the royals for most of it.

If there was a rift between Harry and Prince William before, it is clear that they are now quite estranged as the Royal Family prepare for Prince Philip’s funeral on Saturday. It has been reported that rather than walk side by side, the brothers must have an intermediary walking between them.

For her part self-possessed Meghan stayed in the US, saying she knew she would be the center of attention and did not want to steal Philip’s glory.

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