Lindsie Chrisley Talks About Prairie Dogging – What Is It?

Coffee Convos Podcast Host LIndsie

Lindsie Chrisley is amazingly candid about her life and her family. Mind you, she doesn’t often discuss her time on her dad’s show, Chrisley Knows Best. USA Network fans know that she’s been estranged from Todd for years and she moved on and runs her podcast, Coffee Convos with her friend Kailyn Lowry. She also recently got divorced from her husband Will Campbell. Right now, she and struggles with the separation of the family, on behalf of her son Jackson. It’s a pretty sh**ty situation to be in. Perhaps, that’s why she answered a fan who raised the question of poop.

Lindsie Chrisley Struggles With The Divorce Now

When Lindsie and Will got divorced, she felt that she did the right thing for her son, Jackson. However, since then, she struggled with the reality of the impact on her son. The first issue came along when she and Will arranged a trip for Jackosn, but of course, it was without her. The nine-year-old couldn’t seem to understand why she couldn’t be there. More recently, she posted about how she finds it so very hard to see him spend time with his dad. Actually, she candidly admitted that she misses the time with him when he is away.

The details about the divorce between Lindsie Chrisley and Will emerged in October. Although they previously split, the couple tried and failed to make things work. So, finally, the day came when they settled on a divorce. They split their assets down the middle and sold cars and furniture. Even their house went on the market. Later, Lindsie moved to her own place. They agreed on co-parenting Jackson, but that seems like one of the harder aspects of it all for his mom. Still, she takes time for some fun and banter with her many Instagram fans.

Lindsie Chrisley On Poop And Prairie Dogging

Sometimes, Todd’s daughter shares some of the more ridiculous questions that fans ask her in her DMs. Often, she gets a laugh out of them, as do her fans. This week, she shared a few more of them in her Stories. Actually, one question was of interest. If she had to choose between starting a new relationship or getting back with Will, she said that she’d probably just go with Will. However, another question asked about poop and prairie dogging. Gamely, she shared about it and gave a candid answer!

Lindsie Chrisley Talks About Prairie Dogging - What is It

Lindsie Chrisley then told her fans that she’d prefer to go with “Prairie Dogging.” In other words, she has no plans to entertain the idea of “sh*tting” herself, so she’d rather go with the other choice. Well, if you don’t know what the expression means, you probably don’t live in the rural parts of the USA. If you don’t know, and you read on, you might regret finding out the meaning.

What Is It?

Lindsie Chrisley probably already knew the expression. But, The Urban Dictionary gives a fairly accurate description. According to the website, Prairie Dogging relates to “the uncomfortable sensation resulting from a turd repeatedly pressing against the rectal sphincter and having to be squeezed back in; analogous to a prairie dog popping its head in & out of its burrow.” As an example, they wrote, “D*mn, I gotta find me a sh*tter fast cuz I’m prairie doggin one monster of a log!”

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