Brian Laundrie Featured On John Walsh Special: Where America’s Most Wanted Man Might Be

Brian Laundrie Brian Laundrie has become America’s Most Wanted man and John Walsh is on the case. The former host of America’s Most Wanted offers his idea on where Laundrie might be on a new ID (Investigation Discovery) special.

Brian Laundrie  News – The Search For Brian Laundrie

John Walsh has been involved in hunting down fugitives for years and has joined the search for Brian Laundrie. In the ID specialGabby Petito: ID Special Report” John will analyze the death of 22yr. old Gabby and the search for her boyfriend as a person of interest. Petito’s body was discovered in a Wyoming campground on September 19 after weeks of searching. Laundrie returned home without her from a cross-country camping trip and subsequently disappeared. According to his parents, Laundrie vanished on September 14th, five days before Petito’s body was discovered. Laundrie is currently the only person of interest in the case and is also suspected of using Petito’s card to finance his return trip home. There is a federal warrant out for Laundrie’s arrest for using the card without authorization. According to ID’s Jason Sarlanis, the special report “will give viewers an in-depth look at the story BEHIND the headlines with exclusive commentary and analysis that only ID’s all-star roster of experts can bring.”

Brian Laundrie  News – Gabby Died By Strangulation

The report that was given by the Teton County coroner on October 12, 2021, revealed that Gabby died of strangulation and it was ruled as a homicide. Walsh is a former Brooklyn homicide prosecutor and host of ID’s “True Conviction.” Walsh and his family we thrust into the spotlight in 1981 when his son Adam Walsh was kidnapped from a mall and killed. It was decades before Adam’s killer was revealed, however, Walsh made it his life’s work to bring offenders such as Adam’s killer to justice. Laundrie is another suspect that must be captured and Walsh offers his insight into the situation. Walsh also admits to being terrified when he saw the video of an argument between Laundrie and Petito.

Brian Laundrie  News – Aiding And Abetting

Walsh states that he is convinced the Laundrie”s parents are aiding and abetting him in his flight from justice. Unfortunately, some sources say that parents cannot be charged as an accessory after the fact in Florida either. John has also set up a tip line on his show “In Pursuit With John Walsh,” also on ID, and reveals that it has been flooded with calls about Laundrie. Walsh says he has received “solid tips” that Laundrie could be in the Bahamas which he could have easily accessed via ferry from Florida and into Mexico. However, Walsh believes that Laundrie’s father drove him to the Mexican border and let him walk across where no one would even notice him there. Walsh also believes that Laundrie is being helped while he is hiding out there.

Walsh states that he has received some tips about the Appalachian trial but he personally believes that Laundrie is in Mexico. Walsh also thinks that Gabby’s life may have been saved if a social worker had accompanied the police when they investigated the domestic violence call on August 12th in Utah.

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