1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Dr. Now Needed For Chris Combs!

1000-Lb Sisters - Dr. Now1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that Chris Combs could be in serious need of Dr. Now’s help. We have seen Dr. Now helping his patients on My 600-Lb Life on TLC and it looks like he is needed here too. Chris and his sisters, Amy Halterman and Tammy Slaton could all use some extra help when it comes to losing weight, but fans are more concerned about Chris right now.

c Sisters  – Chris Coms’s Weight Loss Journey

Many viewers were excited when Chris came onto the show. The series wasn’t supposed to be about his weight loss journey, but it does seem as if he has gained quite the following from fans. Chris has been trying to get the weight loss surgery with his sisters, but his health could be a major concern for doctors right now.

Chris has been slipping into yo-yo dieting and he has found many ways to cheat on his diets and this has caused his weight to stay pretty stagnant and his health to get worse. Fans think that he should seek the help of Dr. Now so that he can follow one of the diets that he has put his previous patients on.

1000-Lb Sisters  – Dr. Now And Helping Patients

Dr. Now has helped hundreds of his patients and he feels that when they follow this low-calorie diet, they can get healthier and they can lose enough weight to receive gastric bypass surgery. Dr. Now suggests to his patients to keep their sugar intake low and to count their calories. He suggests that they eat about 1,200 calories per day.

Viewers think that Chris would be able to lose more weight if he did follow a diet that is low-calorie and filled with more vegetables and whole foods. Chris may also need some other resources such as therapy, that Dr. Now can offer. Chris does need the motivation and discipline to follow Dr. Now’s diets, but can he do it?

We will have to keep an eye on Chris to see if he can lose the weight he needs to be healthier.

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