1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers: Cooking Demo By Chris and Amy – Bugs and Mice Cleaned Up?

1000 Lb Sisters 1000 Lb. Sisters Chris Combs and Amy Halterman give a cooking demonstration in tonight’s Inside: Pushed Too Far. Chris and Amy offer a meatless meal.

Food Demonstrate In 1000 Lb. Kitchen

1000 Lb. Sisters’ Chris and Amy decide to make a meatless meal after this week’s episode titled “Pushed Too Far.” Amy has already had weight loss surgery and Chris has been approved for his. While these siblings are trying to better their lives and health, Tammy Slaton takes a trip to the pool with her home health aide. Amy and Chris’ dinner was not received well by Chris who would have loved to use chicken in it.

However, fans were left wondering just who’s kitchen the show was taped in. Although the setup looked clean enough, so did Amy’s home before she hired organizers to help de-clutter her home. Amy was very concerned and almost asked the women to leave because of bugs and mice in her kitchen. With nothing being said about an exterminator, fans have to wonder if the problem was taken care of.

Amy Halterman  Wants Things Clean For Her Son

1000 Lb. Sisters’ Amy wants things clean for her son, however, she was seen pulling mice out of the cabinets herself. If TLC is going to have a cooking lesson the week after this discovery, shouldn’t they at least ease fans’ minds that everything was cleaned up and treated for pests? As much as Amy is dogged over issues that fans have with her parenting, it only seems natural to set everyone’s minds at ease. Is the lack of proof not enough to make fans cringe as they watch a cooking episode?

Chris Combs Ribs Amy For Not Cooking

1000 Lb Sisters’ Chris proceeds to rib Amy about not cooking. According to Chris, Amy eats out every day. If Amy is eating out this much, is she not putting her weight loss accomplishment in jeopardy? Amy has obviously not lost the amount of weight that she should have by now. However, perhaps Amy doesn’t want to cook because of her pest problems. Rodents as well as roaches can cause illnesses and even injuries at times. Does anyone truly want to eat food made in a kitchen that has roaches and mice running amuck? Could Amy simply believe that eating out is cleaner than eating in her house?

Amy may want to improve the life of herself and her family, however, since her family was not a teaching sort of group, Amy should take some cooking lessons as well. Please TLC, set our minds at ease, was an exterminator called before the cooking segment was taped?

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