1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Threatens Home Health Nurse Tisa

1000 Lb Sisters1000 Lb Sisters Amy Halterman hired Nurse Tisa to help Tammy around the house and with her weight loss. To accomplish this, Tisa wants Tammy to walk to her mailbox. However, Tammy, in her typical argumentative fashion refuses to do so.

The more Tisa pushes the madder Amy gets and then attacks Tisa just as she would Amy. Tammy was so annoyed believing that Tisa doesn’t know the pain she is in or what she is capable of doing. Tammy even admits to the TLC producers that Tisa is lucky that she didn’t get cussed out. Tammy gets an attitude with anyone who tries to help her. Should Tammy’s family simply give up on trying to save Tammy’s life? Is Tammy willing to change at all? Tammy’s actions do not reflect what she claims she wants. Should Tammy be more responsible for her own situation?

1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers – Tammy Slatton Is Full Of Excuses

1000 Lb. Sisters Tammy is full of excuses when it comes to her weight loss journey. Tammy has been supposed to be trying to lose weight for months. Tammy managed to lose the weight once but gain back twice as much. Tammy tends to find boyfriends who are feeders and do not want her to lose weight at all.

Tammy’s family has warned her about finding men on the BBW sites that she often frequents but she refused to heed their warnings. Nurse Tisa is determined to get Tammy out of her chair and moving and that causes contention. Tammy refuses to try to walk. Tammy also makes excuses that no one will take her to a pool to work out. However, Tammy won’t even try to help herself. Does Tammy want to lose weight?

1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers -Tammy Slatton Goes On The Attack

1000 Lb. Sisters Tammy goes on the attack. Tammy says that her nurse is crazy. Tammy isn’t interested in walking to the mailbox. Tammy goes on to explain that Tisa could not know how much pain she is in daily or she would not push her to walk.

Tammy barely gets up to walk to the bathroom and refuses to walk to the mailbox because it is not something she feels she has to do. After all, Michael Halterman and Amy have always brought Amy her mail and her groceries. Tammy feels that walking for something that isn’t a necessity is too much stress on her body. Tammy even threatened to shut down if Tisa continued to push her.

Is this the end of Nurse Tisa working with Tammy? Has Tammy finally met her match? Will Tammy ever get her weight loss surgery?

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