1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Hospitalized For Carbon Dioxide Poisoning – Was It On Purpose

1000 Lb Sisters 1000 Lb. Sisters Tammy Slaton was recently hospitalized for carbon Dioxide poisoning. Did Tammy poison herself on purpose?

1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers – Tammy Slaton Has Been Very Upset

Tammy has recently been very upset with her siblings. Tammy feels that she is always being attacked over her weight. Did Tammy try to hurt herself because she is so depressed? Tammy recently admitted to having a very bad bout of depression to the point that she stopped taping the show for a month. Tammy had visited a weight loss rehab facility but check out before she was finished. Once she came home she hooked up with yet another BBW lover that didn’t want her to lose weight. Tammy was confronted by her brother Chris Combs and her sister as well. Amy was left in tears after being accusing them of attacking her and causing issues with her weight loss. Tammy even revealed that she might not want to lose weight after all. After all of this took place, Tammy, according to her TikTok, landed back in the hospital and this time required a tracheotomy and life support after being diagnosed as septic.

1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers – Fans Asked For Clarification

Now that Tammy admitted to having a mental breakdown months ago, fans are wondering if she tried to commit suicide. However, that is usually carbon monoxide poisoning. Since Tammy is a larger woman and struggles to walk so badly, the carbon dioxide poisoning likely came from her struggles to breathe while doing any kind of exercise. However, the fact that Tammy tried to commit suicide once before has fans questioning this, especially now that she has the trach. Once released Tammy expects to go to a rehab facility for weight loss and to get back on her feet.

1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers – Was This A Wakeup Call?

Tammy has claimed to be committed to losing weight before but this hospital stay seems to have renewed her commitment. Will Tammy follow through with her weight loss this time? Will Tammy finally qualify to get the surgery that could save her life? Tammy already suffers from Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome and that is what most likely caused her carbon dioxide poisoning. Tammy also may not survive another bout with this poisoning either. Has Tammy finally woken up and decided to take charge of her life? Is Tammy ready to forget the BBW chat rooms and concentrate on what is really important?

1000 Lb. Sisters fans will be eagerly waiting to see how Tammy comes out on the other side of this latest crisis. Will Tammy finally get control and be around for her nephew and the rest of her family?

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