Emmerdale Spoilers: Brenda covers up involvement in Dan’s health scare

Emmerdale: Dan Spencer (Liam Fox)

Emmerdale spoilers hint at Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) covering up her involvement in Dan’s health care. Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) will be having a significant health scare crisis that will be able to be linked back to Brenda. However, Brenda will try to make sure that she is not connected back to the accidental cause of Dan’s allergic reaction. Will she get away with covering up her involvement?

Emmerdale Spoilers- Dan Suffers another Health Scare

Dan has had a health scare recently involving some muffins that we’re being given out at Brenda’s cafe. This has led some people to become wary of Brenda’s food since it caused an allergic reaction. However, after helping Dan out and having owed her, she decides upon how he can help her and decides to get him to help her in the cafe. After helping her in the cafe, she decides to offer him a wrap, which he accepts. However, this leads to him having an allergic reaction, and he has to be rushed to the hospital room. However, being afraid that she will go down for his allergic reaction, Brenda will try to cover up how he ended up suffering from the allergic reaction.

Emmerdale Spoilers- Eric gets Brenda to Cover up Involvement

It does look like she will not come up with this decision on her own, as Eric Pollard (Christopher Chittell) will be concerned about Dan’s health scare coming back to her. This will make him suggest the idea of getting rid of the evidence to her. He will even go as far as helping her in getting all of the evidence that could be used against her and getting rid of the incriminating evidence.

With the incriminating evidence gone, they will not be suspected of the reason why Dan had suffered from the health scare. However, with some knowledge about the health scare from the previous time, she may not be out of the clear just yet.

It seems that Eric will not want Brenda to get in trouble for yet another incident that caused Dan to suffer from an allergic reaction. So, the best route will seem to be to get rid of the evidence. However, will his plans actually work? What do you think? Will Brenda get away with covering up her involvement? Are they causing more trouble for themselves? Will Dan be okay, and will he tell them what really happened?


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