Counting On Spoilers: Josh Duggar’s Family Getting All Dressed Up For Church Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Counting On

The coronavirus pandemic has forced countries to ask their people to stay inside their homes to prevent further spread of COVID-19. Celebrities, soap stars, and reality show stars aren’t exempted. “19 Kids and Counting and Counting On” Josh Duggar and his family are staying at home as well.

Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna continues to post on Instagram to update their followers about what their family is up to. Recently, she shared how they still get ready for the church even if they can’t physically attend the service.

Anna Dresses Up Kids For Palm Sunday Worship

In a post, Anna shared a photo of her six kids all dressed up and ready to attend Palm Sunday worship. She emphasized that their family is wearing their Sunday best to create some normalcy for the day of worship.

“Happy Palm Sunday — Hosanna!? Amid all the changes of the coronavirus pandemic, it felt good to dress up and get ready for church! Even though we live-streamed the service it felt a little more normal to be “dressed for church,” Anna said in her post.

“This got me thinking…is anyone else planning to wear their #Easter outfits next Sunday and Livestream a church service?” she continued.

“During the #HolyWeek let’s make a meaningful time as we remember Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. May we celebrate Jesus’ sacrificial love for us and share it with others!” Anna added.

Viewers know that The Duggar are independent Baptists. For those who’ve been watching the series for a long time, it’s known how Jim Bob and Michelle raised their kids according to their religious guidelines. Their religion has the men ruling the household. Adult kids are expected to participate in courtships and not the typical dates that most people are used to. Also, women are expected to follow a strict dress code.

Fans React To Anna’s Photo

Many of Anna’s followers were supportive of her decision to dress up her kids even though they can’t physically go to church.

One follower said, “Good idea to dress up, normalize this part of life right now.”

“Great idea Anna! We plan to dress up. Cute outfits on the littles – rejoicing that Jesus has risen indeed! COVID can’t keep us down,” another one added.

Fans can definitely expect Josh and Anna’s family to dress up this coming Easter Sunday as well.

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