General Hospital Rumor: Is Jared The Father Of Hayden’s Baby?

General Hospital Spoilers: Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) - Jared Preston Jr (Matt Corboy) General Hospital spoilers tease that maybe the reason Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) hasn’t said anything about Baby Finn and maybe ran and left Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) stranded at the altar a couple of years ago was because it wasn’t his baby, and she didn’t want something to come up that could cause him to find out!

General Hospital viewers will recall that when Hayden left Port Charles it was very sudden and she gave no warning to anyone. She just didn’t show up at her wedding. She didn’t even contact her sister Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) to let her know.

Whether she simply got cold feet about being a mother or it was something else, she just left and reinvented herself again. By the time Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) caught up to her she was gone. Hayden left a letter for Finn in her hotel room saying she’d miscarried the baby and there was nothing else to tie them.

General Hospital Spoilers – Hayden Barnes Lied About The Miscarriage

General Hospital viewers will recall that Hayden lied about the miscarriage in her letter to Finn. They know this because there was a scene where she stood up and rubbed her pregnant belly. This was in September, 2017 so by now the baby would be a little older than Wiley Cooper-Jones (Eric and Theodore Olson).

There seems to be something just a little too convenient about Curtis following the trail to Hayden’s hotel room and the letter left for Finn. If Hayden truly didn’t want to be found, how did she know Curtis would find her and the letter?

It seems like the search and the letter was a setup. Hayden left breadcrumbs for Curtis to follow intentionally. Why would Hayden lie that she miscarried and why would she leave so suddenly? And why then leave a breadcrumb trail that ended at her hotel room and the letter to Finn?

General Hospital Spoilers – Could There Be Another Reason Why She Lied?

There could be a reason that makes sense for Hayden to lie about her miscarriage and run away from Port Charles. Could the baby not be Finn’s and could Hayden have been pregnant by someone else? General Hospital viewers will recall the fiasco involving her ex-husband Jared Preston Jr (Matt Corboy) coming to town and blackmailing her. This happened shortly before she and Finn were to have gotten married.

She wound up creating a fake account to get money to pay Jared to leave her alone. Hayden then shifted the money back to ELQ, after destroying the account he she got the money from. This was a financial shuffle probably used by her father, who was in prison for a Ponzi scheme.

Perhaps she thought a little “sex with the ex” might placate Jared before she did the money shuffle, and she became pregnant. Just because GH didn’t show it that way when the story ran doesn’t mean they might not rewrite history. How often have they done this in recent years to make a newer storyline fit?

So will General Hospital viewers find out that Baby Finn was really Baby Preston, and what happened to the tot? Stay tuned to General Hospital and keep checking General Hospital spoilers frequently for find all the latest news, updates and developments!

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