Neighbours Spoilers: Tyler Brennan Caught Up With Shady Prison Deal

Neighbours Spoilers: Tyler Brennan Caught Up With Shady Prison Deal Neighbours spoilers tease things are going from bad to worse for Tyler Brennan, as he is forced into doing the dodgy work for a dangerous prisoner next week.

As the possibility of going to jail is looking highly likely for Tyler (Travis Burns), he is blackmailed with sinister threats by an inmate who has found out about his possible sentence. But with this comes the possibility of cheating on Piper – will Tyler concede?

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As if knowing you might be sent to jail for your father’s murder isn’t enough, poor Tyler is confronted by a dangerous man at the garage next week. The man reveals himself as Adrian Snyder (Michael Vice), ally of Philip Banks, a powerful and dangerous man who is imprisoned in the jail that Tyler is likely to be sent to.

Snyder approaches Tyler with a warning – if he wants to stay safe in jail then he must do a job for Banks. The job is simple: find out if Bank’s wife is being unfaithful to him. Of course, this isn’t the first time that Tyler has had to do a job for a convict, so coupled with the threat, it seems likely that he will agree.

Wanting to do all that he can to protect his future self, Neighbours’ Tyler agrees and dives into a covert mission to get to know Bank’s wife Verity. Like many other women in Erinsborough, Verity cannot resist the Brennan brother charm, and so offers Tyler to join her in her hotel room. This is Tyler’s chance – try find any evidence that other men have stayed there. But is it all as it seems?

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Unfortunately for Tyler, he greatly underestimates his target, and Verity suddenly turns on him; the vixen is well aware that he’s been playing her. She reveals that Tyler is not the first man that her husband has sent to spy on her, so she knew what was happening all along. With the plan backfiring, is Tyler going to be in danger?

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