Neighbours Spoilers: Shocking Pregnancy Twist – Izzy Isn’t The Only One With Baby Fever

Neighbours Spoilers: Shocking Pregnancy Twist - Izzy Isn't The Only One With Baby FeverNeighbours will be airing an exciting new pregnancy storyline next week, but it might not be all that viewers expect.

Izzy Hoyland returned to the street recently, eventually revealing that her reason for doing so was to become pregnant with Karl Kennedy’s baby. After stealing Karl’s sperm and inseminating herself, you would suspect that Izzy is the pregnant one.

This seems to be the case next week. After Susan’s birthday party there is a mix up of bags, and Elly comes across a positive pregnancy test.

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She right away presumes that it belongs to Izzy and immediately shares her suspicions with Susan and Karl. This couldn’t come at a worse time – Karl is already fearing for his marriage after Izzy admitted to stealing his sperm, leaving Susan devastated.

The Kennedy’s seek out Izzy straight away, determined to get some answers. Eventually she reluctantly admits that the test is not hers, but is sure to remind them that there is still time for the self insemination to work. Although the Kennedy’s are relieved, they are still left anxious about this.

Viewers will later discover that that positive pregnancy test actually belongs to Mishti Sharma, when she confides in her boyfriend Leo Tanaka that she is pregnant with his baby.

Both Mishti and Leo are unsure how they feel about the news. Not only are they in the relatively early stages of their relationship – which has been considerably rocky – but neither feel ready for a child just yet.

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The two decide to keep the news between themselves for the time being while they figure out what they’re going to do. However, what they don’t know is that Mishti’s niece Kirsha is nearby, and overhears everything, as her hearing is miraculously beginning to return.

Kirsha can’t keep the news a secret, and lets slip to the Rebecchi family, so of course it’s not long before everyone is voicing their opinions and giving advice on the matter.

What will the future hold for Mishti and Leo?

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