‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Lauren Should Be Thanking Gloria Instead of Scolding Her – Sabotage Is Disguised Gift

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Lauren Should Be Thanking Gloria Instead of Scolding Her – Sabotage Is Disguised GiftTracey Bregman) believes that Gloria (Judith Chapman) back-stabbed her on ‘The Young and the Restless’. And she’s right. But Gloria’s efforts to thwart Lauren’s attempts to secure a silent partner is actually a disguised gift. Agreeing to an alliance with Jack (Peter Bergman) affords Fenmore’s the ability to take her family’s company to new heights.

Business, like life isn’t always about what’s expected. Plans are rarely laid in cement and even when they are, cracks can often change appearances. In this instance Fenmore’s has been hemorrhaging money for awhile. The quality and appeal of the fashion company’s products isn’t the problem, instead meeting savvy consumer demands is the issue.

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Jabot is a beauty company that is flush with cash, due in part to Jack and Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson) efforts. Lauren’s reluctance to allow Mr. Abbott to “maneuver” her out of her own business is totally understandable because his intent was to become head honcho. However, Ashley isn’t as duplicitous as her brother. She’ll be an advocate for Lauren after she ducks under Jabot’s corporate umbrella.

Getting back to Gloria, there’s no doubt the the two-time Mrs. Abbott (through John, Jerry Douglas) was mostly looking out for herself when she sabotaged Lauren’s initial deal with an outside investor a few weeks ago. Jack forged an agreement with the second businessman Lauren hope to secure earlier this week. That came after Gloria tipped Jack off to Lauren’s most recent survival attempt.

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Better days lie ahead after rightful emotions have been neutralized and Jack agrees in writing to each of Lauren’s pre-takeover requests. Hypothetical worlds, where any silent partner infused cash into Fenmore’s coffers still wouldn’t have solved Lauren’s consumer access issues. She wouldn’t have had enough capital on-hand to implement the virtual upgrades Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) has conceptualized.

Allowing Jabot to become Fenmore’s financial backer solves immediate problems. Yes, it will be necessary to keep a permanent eye on Jack. But all business ventures come with measured gambles, as Lauren realized through past success.

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