‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Jill Isn’t A Victim – Hypocrisy Alive In Chancellor Mansion

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Jill Isn't A Victim – Hypocrisy Alive In Chancellor MansionOh please Jill (Jess Walton), you’re no victim on ‘The Young and the Restless’. Scream at Katherine’s (Jeanne Cooper) overpowering photograph forever if you like, but that will never cover over what you did to ‘Killip’. Yes, you interfered with one of Y&R’s original super couples and there’s no honest denial of that plot point.

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Sure, it’s fair to claim that Katherine’s alcoholism led to problems in her marriage to Phillip (John Considine and Donnelly Rhodes) in the 1970’s.

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But would that pair have been better able to resolve their differences if Jill (who was then played by other actors) hadn’t inserted herself into ‘Killip’s’ world? Those who claim that answer is no reveals themselves as somehow omniscient.

It has now been established that Jill was not a victim. Katherine welcomed Jill into her home, which proved to be the biggest mistake in the Duchess’ storied history.

Phillip’s purchase of that incredibly extravagant ring, which he intended to give to Jill, also made him an obsessed fool. Jill’s romantic history, post Phillip’s death, offers plausible speculation as to how ‘Jillip’s’ life together would have flowed. Bump, bump, boom!

No one person speaks for all women, or men. So Jill is hardly representative of her gender, just as Colin (Tristan Rogers) doesn’t represent males. He, like his wife, pursues his own self-interest seven days a week. Jill was attracted to him because their personality types are alike. The same is true for Colin, who also liked Jill’s power and money.

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Katherine was no saint, but she and Jill came to feel fondly toward one another as the years passed. They realized that it was possible that they each loved Phillip in their own ways and that he was good to both of them. Their analysis, while somewhat generous, makes sense.

Jill appears to be caught in same emotional trap that often bound her during Katherine’s life. She has rejected what that “old fossil” (Jill’s worlds) is trying to tell her, instead mental knee-jerking into victimhood again. Oh Jill, won’t you ever learn?

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  1. Lisa says

    I take it you didn’t watch back then? Jill was written as a heroine for the first couple years. She was from the extremely poor Foster family and worked in a beauty shop to help pay for both her older brother’s college.

    Kay was a drunk sleeping with the stable boys on the Chancellor Estate. She was mean and Nasty. Phillip kept trying to help her but she refused. Phillip feel head over heels in love with Jill, both tried to resist, but one night gave into their passion. It was the one and only time they made love before Katherin killed him.

    And she killed him on purpose. You can watch a YouTube clip & see for yourself. She said it was an accident , but it wasn’t. It’s titled: Kay Remembers Killing Phillip Chancellor (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ps-ax4NW4A ). Phillip is begging to get out and she purposely & deliberately pushes on the accelerator to drive straight off the cliff. It was supposed to be murder- suicide but Kay lived.

    Katherine deprived a man of his life and of ever seeing his newborn baby. But Jill’s the bad one for sleeping with someone’s husband. once? Kay was already sleeping around on him. And she cheated on her first husband Gary Reynolds why he took care of their young son. Kay was many times nastier than Jill back in the day.

    If one of the other characters killed someone for cheating you’d be on their side?

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