‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Are Michelle Fowler’s Kids Headed To Walford – Mark And Vicki Return?

'EastEnders' Spoilers: Are Michelle Fowler's Kids Headed To Walford - Mark And Vicki Return?Are Michelle Fowler’s kids about to return to, “EastEnders,” in order to lend their cradle-robbing mom such much needed moral support? Or will they return to cast the first stones at the wild cougar and her much younger boytoy?

Michelle’s life is in the dumpster right now, seeing as how her marriage is in shambles due to her adultery with teenager Preston. On top of that, she’s been hitting the sauce to ease her troubles and her guilty mind.

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And if that weren’t enough, troubled Michelle will soon visit a doctor, for what reason we don’t yet know. Could she have a serious medical illness? Or could the 48-year old mother of two be, gasp, pregnant?

But wait, there’s more: Dennis has seen Michelle and Preston smooching. It’s a good bet that he’ll do one of two things: either tell the whole town about the shocking visual he just endured, or blackmail Michelle to keep his silence.

Wow, how much can one woman bear? Well, if a rumor making the rounds is true, Michelle is about to find out! It seems that there’s reason to believe that her daughter and son may hit town when news of her affair breaks.

But will they come bearing good intentions or condemnations? Michelle’s son Mark was last seen in August 2016. His relationship with his mother is not exactly all warm and fuzzy. How will he feel when he learns that someone close to his own age is bedding his mother? Not thrilled, I’m pretty sure.

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Her daughter Vicki was onscreen from 2003 to 2004. It’s difficult to intuit how Vikki will take to the news that her mom is not only robbing the cradle, but was unfaithful to her father.

It looks like there’s much more turmoil to come down the pike for Michelle. How will she handle all of this pressure, guilt, and cougar shaming? Is she about to be faced with the biggest decision of her life, and if so, will she crack or find her inner strength?

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