‘General Hospital’ News: Kirsten Storms OUT, Exits GH Again For “Personal Reasons”

'General Hospital' News: Kirsten Storms OUT, Exits GH Again For "Personal Reasons"

General Hospital spoilers and comings and goings confirm that Kirsten Storms has left GH again, the actress is reportedly taking time off for “personal reasons.”

General Hospital spoilers from Daytime Confidential reveal that the actress is taking some time off [again], however it’s unclear how long she will be gone.  This isn’t the first time that the Maxie portrayer has stepped out due to personal issues, the role has already been temporarily recast twice in the past.

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Kirsten Storms has not made any official comments regarding her recent exit, and considering her on-screen love interest Ryan Paevey is currently taking some time off to film a movie, there’s no indication that Naxie will be back on screen any time soon.

Soap Opera Spy will keep you updates as more information comes available.

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  1. Gina Lloyd says

    I’m so sick of this roller-coaster ride. Recast Maxie once and for all and make it a good one! One as PRETTY as Kirsten!!!

    1. Lori Rogers says

      Give the girl a break. Obviously there’s something going on. Give her some space to get herself together

        1. Cassie Rae says

          …. and you need to get some business for crying out loud! This is just a character for you but Kirsten is a real person…..be mindful of when you speak of someone’s livelihood!

          1. Gina Lloyd says

            You’re the one that seems to be detached from reality! It’s a business and the show must go on. BE MINDFUL before you go attacking people you don’t know because of their opinions. PS: You don’t know Kirsten! Stop acting like you do, weirdo groupie!!!

          2. Cassie Rae says

            Pot calling kettle black…I don’t have much time to watch but it’s odd you’re getting so irate. I just expressed the young lady is playing a character (her career) and I realize it’s a business but nevertheless, it’s someone’s livelihood. I can tell you’re empathetic! Carry on but it’s a mute point…..

          3. Gina Lloyd says

            Look B…you’re the one that came at me. Get a life!

          4. Cassie Rae says

            6 days ago and you’re still outraged!? But I need a life. I dismissed you 6 days ago….and my name isn’t B. How old are you!? Goodnight….it’s past your bedtime. I dismissed you. Stop resorting to calling vulgarities on message boards. You’re showing your level of intelligence. Btw, this convo is over…. I’m bored-goodnight! Blessings

  2. ceecee says

    As long as they don’t bring that Molly back. I can’t even stand to listen to her baby talk voice. When I watched DOOL occasionally I had to turn off her scenes. There has got to be another actress.

  3. Michele Malloy Zagata says

    I will miss Maxi. She’s one of my faves. I wish her the best for whatever she is struggling with.

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