The Walking Dead Season 8 Spoilers: Christian Serratos Not Seen Filming-Will She Return?

The Walking Dead Season 8 Spoilers: Christian Serratos Not Seen Filming-Will She Return?

“The Walking Dead” Season 8 is in full swing with their filming, but there’s one of the cast members who has not been seen on the set of production and there’s a good reason why.

Since Season 8 of “The Walking Dead” began filming, The Spoiling Dead Fans have been posting updates. They have listed all the characters who have been on set, but so far Christian Serratos has been missing from that list. So fans are wondering if we will be seeing Rosita in Season 8. It is still early in the season and they have only filmed a couple of episodes, so no need to worry just yet.

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On Mother’s Day Christian Serratos announced the birth of her first child. So that is definitely a good enough reason for her to have taken a break from filming. As a new mother it is normal to take some time off to be with your newborn child and to fully recover from the birthing process before returning to action.

Christian’s character Rosita was seen alive and well at the end of the Season 7 finale, so we all know she hasn’t been killed off the show. So how do you think the writers will explain her absence in the show? Could she be off on an adventure of her own or maybe a supply run?

Daniel Newman who plays one of the Kingdom soldiers posted a picture of himself, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), and one of the Hilltop Colony residents. It appeared that they were at the Sanctuary and was suited up for war. The picture was quickly deleted from his page, so it has been considered a spoiler for Season 8 and it seems that the show might follow the comic book storyline.

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In the comics Rick goes to the Sanctuary which is where Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his crew are. There he discovers that Gregory (Xander Berkeley) is already there. It already seemed as if Gregory was going to pay the Saviors a visit, so this could very well be the case.

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This could easily be the explanation for Rosita not being seen. The writers could play it off as if she was back at Alexandria, at the kingdom, or even Hilltop Colony. So depending on how much time the actress took off we should definitely see her sometime during Season 8. When more spoilers emerge we will be sure to clue you in. So don’t forget to check often with Soap Opera Spy for all your latest Walking Dead spoilers, news, updates, and much more.

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