General Hospital News: Bryan Craig Open To Returning It Is Just Logistics

General Hospital News: Bryan Craig Open To Returning It Is Just Logistics General Hospital’s (GH) alum Bryan Craig recently revealed that he would love nothing more than to come back as his troubled character Morgan Corinthos.

Bryan Craig was so humbled that everyone loved his interpretation of Morgan Corinthos, so much that he says he is willing to come back. As you all know after the explosion a body was never actually recovered, so that leaves all of us with the question, “Is Morgan really dead?” It would not be surprising at all if GH did decide to bring Morgan back from the dead. After all, it happens all the time. Craig himself feels like the show would be willing to and he is ready, so he says they just have to figure out logistics.

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Bryan Craig misses playing the part of Morgan and all of us fans sure miss him as well. So now we need the writers to do the right thing and bring Morgan home to his mom and dad Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright). They could really use him right now. They are both spiraling out of control over their grief for their son. It would be awesome if they came up with a great storyline to bring him back. GH could really use some better storylines right now because most of the fans are not to pleased with the ones they are seeing. Would you like to see Bryan come back as Morgan? Wouldn’t it be great if Morgan was brought back from the dead?

There’s no denying Bryan Craig’s talent. He is one phenomenal actor and just recently walked away with the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor In A Daytime Drama Series for his portrayal of Morgan Corinthos. So GH fans make your voices be heard and reach out to the writers of GH and let them know you would like Bryan Craig back because he’s willing and ready, now all we need is for them to make it happen.

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  1. scoma60 says

    Morgan is a petulant annoying tool. The internet had a #MprganIsDeadParty when he was killed off so please don’t bring him back. An for Pete’s sake quit talking about him non stop. Laura Spencer’s so was murdered and we never get to hear Laura, Elizabeth, LuLu grieve over him. On the other hand we hear about Morgan 24/7. It’s insulting.

    1. Brenda Medeiros says

      That’s your problem scoma60 your beat many of his fans want him back
      If you don’t like it turn the channel….!!!!!’ Dughhhh..!!!!!!

  2. joanna says

    I would love to see him back as morgan and a good story tired of some of the other stuff going on.all this stuff about jake let a poison loose at the nurses ball is so stupid

  3. Jennifer Rowe says

    I loved morgan he is a good character and related to a real issue that people face daily

  4. Linda Nelson-Laird says

    I want the character to return, but Bryan Craig…he chose to leave. Now he wants more $$. Get another actor.

    1. Brenda Medeiros says

      I don’t get another actor GH keep Bryan back he deserves more money he played an awesome part with the bipolar line … keep him the fans want him back .. not another to play his part no way ,

  5. Judith Foster Szulborski says

    Bring Morgan (Bryan Craig) back ……. PLEASE!!!!!!!

  6. Carolyn Henson says

    Let him come back long enough to say he was not taking his med’s he was just writing it in his book ,he needs to get Ava out of trouble.And what would be good if Avery was Morgans and not Sonny’s.

  7. GH love says

    Would love to see Bryan Craig back as Morgan ,they don’t have to bring him back from the dead , remember someone was watching outside Sonny’s house and they implied it was Morgan.

  8. Jolene234 says

    I hated Bryan Craig as Morgan when he first started but he definitely grew on me over the years. I thought he did an excellent job playing someone with bi-polar disease and really grew as an actor. So I would love to have him back. Seems to me it could be as easy as he survived and ended up with amnesia and has been living in NYC trying to figure out his life. It’s the soaps. They can come up with something. lol

  9. Sondra says

    Awesome Idea….Bryan Craig is a talent…and since GH kinda sucks without him….it would be saving grace for him to return.
    Writers need to STOP with ALL the Rainbows lollipops…no one wants to see Liz with the serial killing Physco who kidnapped her son or wimped down and weak Alexis with her Abuser…
    Bring the Mob back front and center
    A good who done it
    Intrigue and
    I can tell you this 40 year viewer isn’t a happy camper the way things are…and Morgans return would definitely be a bright spot.

  10. Mary Hopkins says

    Morgan is portraying the part of a bipolar person well. That is how they behave off meds.
    Bring Morgan back with a good storyline. His parents Sonny and Carly need him now more than ever. The writers need to work out a deal and storyline that will work for themselves and Morgan.
    Logistics is just an excuse for not having a storyline ready for the Actor.
    They need to get on the ball and write a good storyline and bring him back asap.

  11. Bonita Vonita says

    Bringing him back is fine as long as he can get his life back together and stop chasing Kiki and making her the only thing to save his life. Kiki also needs to realize she cannot save him, she only stayed with him so he wouldn’t go nuts! If they bring him back just to complicate things with Kiki and Dillion then the character can just stay hidden lol.

  12. pemaddin says

    Please bring him back we miss him. Please get rid of Nelle, everyone hates that storyline and wants a good story for Michael with someone he has charisma with.

  13. Anthony says

    If he is so willing to return – why did he leave in the first place? B Craig is one of those egotistical actors who think a show revolves around him. He wanted to do more as an actor – well what has he done since leaving GH? The character of Morgan is a whiney pain and there’s something about this actor that rubs me the wrong way, too. He’s off the show – let him stay off the show!

    1. ceecee says

      He is a typical young person, thought the grass was greener on the other side, in an industry where he should have been happy with steady work. However , if he hadn’t taken the opportunity he would never know it isn’t. I hated the character of Morgan myself, but he grew and so did the actor. Personally, I am ambivalent about his return right now but having Morgan back in the future will definitely fuel stories for other characters.

  14. Brenda Medeiros says

    Yes bring Morgan back please hurry miss him ..❤

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