Neighbours Spoilers: Christmas Brings Big Drama And Break-ups

Neighbours Spoilers: Christmas Brings Big Drama And Break-upsNeighbours spoilers tease that viewers should be prepared for drama in the upcoming weeks, when Paige discovers that Mark has been keeping huge secrets from her.

Olympia Valance, who plays Paige Smith in the Australian soap, reveals that Mark “confesses to Paige that he protected Sonya Rebecchi after the Backpackers crash.” Paige is understandably left heartbroken; she can’t believe that he would do that for Sonya when he had previously humiliated her by arresting her on their wedding day!

Why did Mark tell her now, and not before their long-coming reunion? Talking to Soaplife, Olympia explained that his confession comes as a direct result of what’s happened with Hamish, and the guilt of lying to cover up Tyler’s actions on the night of the murder. She explained that, “he does it to make himself feel better, I think, and because he does want to be honest. But it’s so traumatic for Paige to learn this. It makes her question whether he’s ever loved her.”

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When asked if Paige will forgive him, Olympia explained, “He has a lot of apologising to do, although he makes the fair point they’ve both changed a lot over the past year. Mark swears he’s learned from his mistakes. Paige is still hurt, but she knows where he’s coming from and she forgives him.”

Neighbours Spoilers tease that despite being forgiven, Mark begins to distance himself from Paige. This isn’t strictly because of the secret though, but he is made to feel awkward by Jack Callahan who is unhappy about how close Mark has come to his son, Gabe. Additionally, Jack is worried about Mark’s involvement in the Hamish investigation. For this reason, Mark keeps his distance from Gabe, which naturally means keeping distance from Paige too.

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With one problem after another, will Paige and Mark get back together? Olympia stated, “It’s very complicated and, towards Christmas, it will become even more. I really don’t know what the future holds for them and, personally, I’m a bit torn. While I love Paige and Mark as a couple, it would be nice for Paige and Gabe to spend more time with Jack. Let’s wait and see.”

Who knows exactly what the future holds for the couple. After being apart so long, fans were excited to see the pair get back together, but it seems that their relationship isn’t going to be smooth sailing on Neighbours!

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