Home and Away Spoilers: The Drama Never Stops – Shocking Storylines Coming In 2018

Home and Away Spoilers: The Drama Never Stops - Shocking Storylines Coming In 2018On Home and Away the drama never stops churning on the shores of beautiful sunlit Summer Bay, and we’ve got all of the juiciest spoilers ahead for the New Year. What are the tanned denizens of the Aussie soap set to get up to in 2018? Let’s get started dishing the scoops!

First up, everyone’s favorite policewoman is in a family way. Yes, Kat is about to have a kitten. Kat Chapman (Pia Miller) is pregnant, but who’s the daddy?

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When Robbo (Jake Ryan) hears the good news, he immediately proposes. Not so fast, handsome! It seems that Ash (George Mason) is also in the running to be Father of the Year; oops.

Speaking of Ash, his bad boy side erupts in a furious way, further complicating his personal life. Just when everyone thought they were rid of Mick (Kristian Schmid), he keeps turning up like a bad penny.

So Ash does the only reasonable thing: he kidnaps the poor guy and threatens to kill him. This is not a good look, according to Tori (Penny McNamee).

Maybe Ash can take some of his aggression out on Robbo’s mysterious stalker who reveals a major and disturbing clue about the amnesiac’s past. Is Kat in terrible danger?

In January gorgeous newbie Willow Harris (Sarah Roberts) will set pulses racing when she has a crazy confrontation with hunky Justin Morgan (James Stewart).

Also arriving to stir things up is Quinn Jackson (Lara Cox). She was last seen in 1995, what are the chances she’ll be bringing a boatload of trouble to town with her?


But wait there’s more: Maggie’s (Kestie Morassi) mom also returns to town! When she finds the Astoni clan in disarray she decides to extend her visit. Will she end up helping or hurting the family?

Finally, VJ (Matt Little) departs the Bay in a desperate bid to save baby Luc, leaving Ash to pick up the pieces.

UK viewers saw the soap’s final 2017 episode last week, and it will be six weeks before the new season begins.

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