Home And Away Spoilers: Shock Wedding Proposal!

Home And Away Spoilers: Shock Wedding Proposal!Kat (Pia Miller) is about to have a kitten on Home and Away. But will she marry the baby daddy after he makes a stunningly unexpected proposal to the gorgeous policewoman?

First things first! When Kat doesn’t feel so good she decides to take matters into her own hands on the hit Aussie sudser.

Everyone’s favorite Summer Bay cop calls in sick to work when she starts to feel nauseous. Unbeknownst to her, Roo (Georgie Parker) follows her home.

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Roo has been suspicious for a while now, but she’s in for a surprise when she enters Kat’s abode. There she gets confirmation that something is up when Kat tells her that the pregnancy test she took was positive.

Finally having someone to confide in, Kat spills all the beans to Roo. At this moment she’s feeling unsure about her situation, including the baby’s father.

The dad-to-be is Robbo (Jake Ryan), a mysterious newcomer who’s already been in a scrape with the locals. Not a bright beginning for someone involved with Summer Bay’s favorite lady in blue!

Robbo and Kat met when she was called upon to talk him down and give up the knife he was using to hold some of her friends at bay. Look how far they’ve come.

Anyway, the hunky newbie comes through for Kat when she tells him the good news. After revealing her pregnancy shocker, Robbo gives her the surprise of a lifetime when he instantly proposes. Aw!

Needless to say, Kat wasn’t expecting this positive reaction and she’s a bit taken aback. How will she react to the prospect of being both a mom and a wife?

Will she still be able to remain on the force once the news of her bun in the oven gets out? Aussie viewers will find out the astonishing answer this week.

UK viewers will find out Kat’s decision in January since the show will be taking a planned six week break for the holidays.

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