The Young and the Restless RUMORS: Lily-Hilary War About To Erupt – Cane’s Downfall Leads GC Buzz

The Young and the Restless RUMORS: Lily-Hilary War About To Erupt – Cane's Downfall Leads GC Buzz

Lily (Christel Khalil) has been looking down at Hilary (Mishael Morgan) for awhile on ‘The Young and the Restless’. But a major perspective switch is about to occur. Cane’s (Daniel Goddard) personal and business mistakes will topple Lily’s world, putting Hilary on top.

Anyone would distrust a woman who had wreaked havoc in two different marriages. The fact that those unions involved Lily’s father and brother made both matters permanently personal. That’s why Mrs. Ashby’s perpetual state of contempt exists whenever she’s forced to be around her former mother-in-law and former sister-in-law.

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Hilary has endured Lily’s biting comments for years. She rarely took them in stride and reveled in the temporary access that was gained to the Winters’ clan. Hilary also rubbed Lily’s nose in the dirt whenever circumstances presented themselves. But an unexpected information drop is about to put Hilary in a position of media power that she’ll exploit to the hilt.

Yes, Genoa City’s popular website GC Buzz and its streaming so-called TV show will prove to be ground zero for Cane’s comeuppance. The ‘Hilary Hour’ will pounce on information connected to the doctored video that disrupted Brash and Sassy’s Professional Hockey League deal.

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However, viewers can only imagine how Hilary will handle the juicy tidbits about Cane’s connection with Juliet (Laur Allen). Those personal leaks would instantly become buzz-worthy. The now-owner of GC Buzz will ring every ounce of gossip from the rag that her show represents. Either instance, or both, will cause Lily to become unhinged as a result.

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The dual loss of her marriage and revived career will push Brash and Sassy’s top model over the edge. Lily’s emotional fall on top of Hilary will spark a brawl, making Miss Curtis’ recent bout with Mariah (Camryn Grimes) seem like an arm-wrestling match.

Of course Cane’s character’s course change will be totally responsible for the ruin he’s about to face. Purposely sabotaging Vickie’s (Amelia Heinle) company should cost him his job and reputation. The Juliet reveal seems likely to force ‘Lane’ to separate, if not divorce later this year as well.

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