General Hospital RUMORS: Nelle Needs A Kidney Donor, Michael’s A Match – Are They Related?

General Hospital RUMORS: Nelle Needs A Kidney Donor, Michael's A Match - Are They Related?

Though not confirmed as of yet, it looks like General Hospital’s Nelle (Chloe Lanier) will indeed need a kidney. It became pretty obvious after Michael (Chad Duell) rushed Nelle’s unconscious body to General Hospital while shouting to anyone who would listen, “She has one kidney and she needs help!” (It’s really not the first thing people disclose when they’re sick or injured. I know this because I know 2 people with 1 kidney, but I digress.)

Could Michael end up being Nelle’s donor?

GH is trying really hard to push this pairing, against-all-odds-style, though many fans are failing to feel the chemistry between Lanier and Duell. However, the show has insisted that Nelle feels that Michael is her hero and savior. As such, it has been rumored online that the romantic tipping point for Michael and Nelle will come when she needs a kidney, Michael volunteers his, and tests show that he is a good match. After all, Nelle shared enough genetic markers with Michael’s sister, Josslyn (Eden McCoy) to donate her kidney (albeit involuntarily) to the then-toddler.

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If Michael does this, probably due to his feelings and his residual, though nonsensical, guilt over Nelle having her other kidney removed, Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) are sure to explode! The drama that will come from this twist may rival the CarSon/Michael stand-off of 2014 after Michael found out that Sonny killed his biological father, A.J. Quartermaine (Sean Kanan). It will be fun to see Michael get back his backbone and for Duell to exercise his acting chops!

Could it be possible that Nelle and Michael find out that they are twins?

Speaking of A.J., the writers at GH might possibly take a cue from the fan speculation that has been going around since Nelle was still holding on to her secret regarding Carly – that Michael and Nelle are actually twins. It could come out after Michael takes the blood test to determine if he matches Nelle.

This would make Nelle A.J. and Carly’s biological daughter, which would be a good reason for her to match both Josslyn and Michael. (It also would have made for a more interesting intro story for Nelle.) It also accounts for the connection that they feel toward one another, and the reason that they do not want to be apart, but haven’t been romantically involved yet.

If Michael didn’t match Joss, how can he match her donor?

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This has been the cry of some online fans in response to the speculation and rumors that are going around. They feel that Michael cannot match Nelle since Nelle matched Joss and he did not. It’s possible that the writers might gloss over that detail, or it may be medically possible. Obviously, if Melle are identical twins, the Joss loophole would not fly. Identical twins completely share DNA. If they are fraternal, well… I don’t know. Hopefully, the writers do their homework if they go in that direction.

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Assuming that they respect Joss’s history, and Nelle and Joss share enough markers, shouldn’t only Port Charles newbies (having arrived since 2011) truly match Nelle?

Hmmm… like Nina (Michelle Stafford), or Valentin (James Patrick Stuart)? Maybe. Another HUGE rumor making the rounds is that the very apologetic, yet truly sincere, Nina may learn when she tests to help Nelle, that she didn’t lose that coma baby after all – she, like Carly before her, was adopted by Frank Benson. Yes, fans are speculating that Nina may be Nelle’s bio-mom, and the anvil dropped on May 18th when Michael told Nina that Nelle doesn’t have family, at the same time that Nina just lost Charlotte, sort of. Then again, the “Kiki is coma baby” rumors have been flying around for years, so who knows? GH likes to keep us guessing.

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Do you feel bad for Nelle? Do you enjoy Melle as a couple? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Jolene234 says

    I would hope if someone beat the crap out of the people you know with only one kidney and were unconscious you would tell the attending ER doctor about them only having one kidney……

  2. pemaddin says

    Please stop pushing Nelle on us. She is the most boring person and Michael deserves a real woman with a life and someone whom has chemistry with him.

  3. nancy foley says

    I hope she’s Michael twin, and I really want Kiki to be Nina child.

  4. ceecee says

    I thought Carly’s adoptive father was supposed to be Nelle’s biological father? I couldn’t really care less about Michael and Nelle, they both bore me to death, but do not make her Carly’s kid…that is way too overdone.

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