Emmerdale Spoilers: Showrunner Teases Epic RobRon Holiday Episode

Emmerdale Spoilers: Showrunner Teases Epic RobRon Holiday EpisodeFans of Emmerdale’s Robron are getting an epic Christmas present they don’t have to unwrap: a holiday episode that is devoted to the star-crossed lovers. But if you think there’s a big soapy reunion in the works, think again!

Danny Miller, the Aaron Dingle part of the Robron duo, spilled some astonishing news about the future of the pair, and it’s not what you expected!

When it was first announced that the pair would steal the limelight on the Christmas episode, fans jumped to the conclusion that the pair would be happily reunited. You know what they say about making assumptions!

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According to Miller, that’s not necessarily the case. In an interview with Digital Spy, the handsome actor gave away a few details about Robron’s meetup.

“It’s certainly a Robron episode,” he said, “… but it’s about them dealing with their past, dealing with their future and sorting out a lot of holes that are in their relationship, not just as partners but as friends as well.”  

If you think this upcoming back to the future plot sounds a bit like the one in the yuletide tale, A Christmas Carol, you’re cooking with gas!

Show execs have said that the Robron episode will be reminiscent of both that flashback tale, as well as the epic Bill Murray deja vu movie, Groundhog Day. What?! Well, no one ever said life in the Dales was dull!

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Showrunner Ian MacLeod told Digital Spy that fans can expect a bizarre viewing experience and that the episode may just be the weirdest one that the soap has ever done.

“It’s really out there,” he said, “and it is the episode I have been most nervous about since I started just because of how crackers it is … and it’s got a surprise cameo in it. It is stylistically a bit weird and romantic – it’s going to be great.”  

It sounds as if the episode may also have a little Tim Burton holiday madness thrown in for good measure; we can’t wait!

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