EastEnders Spoilers: Ted’s Dark Secret Revealed

EastEnders Spoilers: Ted’s Dark Secret Revealed What should the Carter family do about trigger-fingered Ted Murray (Christopher Timothy) shooting an innocent, unarmed member of the clan? The unprovoked attack should be reported to the police, but will the pensioner actually get away with the shocking crime?

Ted’s explosive outburst came as the square was bursting with chaos following an unbelievably violent explosion. Amidst the noise and confusion, Ted had a flashback to a troubled time, and in his panic he grabbed his “secret,” a gun that he brought with him during his move to Walford.

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Although his wife Joyce (Maggie Steed) tried to persuade him to give up the weapon, she wasn’t successful and Ted ended up shooting Good Samaritan Johnny Carter (Ted Reilly), who had come to see how the elderly pair were coping.

As if being shot weren’t traumatic enough, poor Johnny and his mom Linda (Kellie Bright) crashed during the ambulance ride, necessitating that an ailing Johnny be airlifted to the hospital. So, when parents Mick (Danny Dyer) and Linda finally realize who’s behind their son’s near death experience, they’re spitting bullets, and who can blame them?

Johnny is the one who spills the beans, after Joyce comes clean to Johnny in his hospital bed. Understandably the distraught parents make a beeline for the Murray home, where Joyce explains why her husband acted like a crazy man: PTSD from a past military stint.

Well that explains his actions, but it certainly doesn’t excuse them! Why hasn’t Ted properly dealt with his demons after all this time? Ultimately Mick confronts a mightily upset Ted, and uses the patience of a saint to try and get through to the older gentleman.

Mick’s strategy works, and eventually Ted unburdens himself to the barman while they’re inside the Vic. Meanwhile Linda has calmed down as well, and finds herself having a heartfelt conversation with Joyce.

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The question now is, what do the Carter’s plan to do about Ted after he almost killed Johnny? Will he pay the piper or skip out on the scary consequences?  Check back with Soap Opera Spy for more EastEnders spoilers right here!

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