EastEnders Spoilers: Ben Finds An Ally In Kat Slater Amid Showdown With Callum

EastEnders spoilers, news, and updates tease that Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) will be Ben Mitchell’s (Max Bowden) ally in the upcoming scenes in the aftermath of his showdown with his husband Callum (Tony Clay).

This is still in line with Ben’s emotional journal since his traumatic experience last year when Lewis Butler (Aidan O’Callaghan) raped him.

EastEnders viewers will see Ben struggling with feelings of inadequacy and food-related anxieties. Amid all of this, an unlikely ally will emerge.

EastEnders spoilers – Ben Mitchell Under Distress

As Jay’s (Jamie Borthwick) parental hearing approaches, Ben finds himself feeling inadequate. He tries to avoid Billy (Perry Fenwick) when he organizes a celebration in The Vic that night.

EastEnders: Ben Mitchell

Ben is about to miss the court date and takes out his frustration on a gym back, but George (Colin Salmon) intervenes and encourages him to be there for Lexi. He made it, after all.

Meanwhile, Honey (Emma Barton) notices Ben’s behavior around food and tries to make Ben open up with her. She tries to explain her own experience with bulimia, but Ben lashes out at Honey and asks her to leave.

Callum is worried, and Honey advises that he should try to make Ben open up to him instead.

Ben has a difficult conversation with Phil that makes him purge again, and that’s when Callum catches him. He tries to talk to Ben, but things go out of hand instead.

EastEnders Spoilers –  A Surprising Ally

Kat Slater catches Ben amid his distress and reaches out to him. As a fellow survivor of rape, she offers her perspective and tells him to seek help if he doesn’t want to ruin himself and his loved ones.

Kat’s words hit Ben and made him agree to attend a support group with Kat. When Ben arrives home, Callum begs him to tell him what has been going on. Later in the week, viewers will see Ben talking about his mental trauma.

“It’s a very unique situation because I don’t think anyone ever saw Ben confiding so deeply in Kat and finding real common ground with his step-mother-to-be,” Max Bowden shared about the upcoming scenes.

“Kat’s a very fiery character and there are a lot of similarities between Ben and Kat. Aspects of trauma, aspects of fieriness, family problems, and I think this takes Ben by surprise,” he added. He also noted that Ben finds strength in Kat because she’s a strong woman and the closest link to his father.

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