Big Brother 19 Week 4 Spoilers: Veto Results Revealed

Big Brother 19 Week 4 Spoilers: Veto Results Revealed

“Big Brother 19” (BB19) is full of drama this season and it’s only going to get worse! The veto results are in and we have them here for you!

Big Brother Spoilers suggest that this weeks veto players were Jessica Graf, Josh Martinez, Ramses Soto, Christmas Abbott, Cody Nickson, and Jason Dent. Jessica Graf won veto and it is highly unlikely that she will use it. Josh Martinez and Ramses Soto are on the block. Jessica’s target is Josh which is very obvious why given their history in the house and she thinks everyone is on-board with her, but she is going to get fooled.

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Although, everyone acted as if they were going along with her plan Paul Abrahamian, Matt Clines, and Raven Walton had a chat about who is actually the bigger threat. Paul and Raven made a very great point on why they should vote Ramses to go home instead of Josh. They know that Josh would never vote against them and as long as he is in the big brother house he is going to keep having his crazy spells making himself the target, so they have more of a chance of being safe.

Matt was hesitate about it at first because he didn’t want to make Cody and Jessica mad. Matt was scared that it would backfire and cause him or Raven to be on the block next week being that they are going against their word. Now it seems he has came around to the idea and understands that Ramses flip flops so much that he is actually the bigger threat to his group.

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Mark Jansen, and Elena Davies have been left in the dark of the plans to flip the votes. Most all the other house guests are on-board with the plan. So as it stands it seems Ramses will be going home this week as long as Jessica does not use the veto. Do you big brother fans think their plans of sending Ramses home instead of Josh will be better for their game? Make sure to stay tuned to CBS’s Big Brother to see how this all goes down.

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