Big Brother (BB19) Week 4 Spoilers: New HoH And Nominees Named For Eviction

Big Brother (BB19) Week 4 Spoilers: New HoH And Nominees Named For Eviction

“Big Brother” (BB19) live feed spoilers revealed the new HoH and the nominees that are up on the chopping block. Week 4 in the “Big Brother” (BB19) house shows to be an interesting week, not that the first 3 we boring. Cody Nickson return to the “Big Brother” (BB19) house is causing quite a stir. Cody returned back by winning the Battle Back Showdown, competing against the other 3 evicted houseguest, Cameron Heard, Jillian Parker, and Dominique Cooper, as well as the house challenger Paul Abrahamian. Shortly after the Showdown, the houseguest competed in the HoH competition. However, no spoilers are needed for “Big Brother” (BB19) fans to know just how important this HoH is.

“Big Brother” (BB19) spoilers revealed, once the live feeds were turned back on, you see that coveted HoH key hanging around Jessica Graf neck. For Jessica and Cody’s game play, it could not have turned out better, by Jessica winning the HoH it will keep them safe from eviction for at least another week. Although we can not say the same for Josh Martinez and Ramses Soto.

Jessica nominated Josh and Ramses for eviction this week. Jessica really wants Josh out of the house, and it is no doubt that this past week blow up from Josh, only placed a huge target on his back. However, Paul really wants Ramses out of the house. Will Jessica use Paul as a replacement nominee, should a veto be used, trying once again to backdoor Paul? Let us hope that for Jessica and Cody’s game, that they learned from their last attempt to backdoor Paul out of the house.

“Big Brother” (BB19) fans have taken to Social Media to voice their thoughts on Cody return to the house, and what it might mean for their favorite houseguest’s game. What are your thoughts on Jessica winning HoH and placing Josh and Ramses on the chopping block? Is Josh really Jessica’s real target, or is it a game play to remove Paul from the house? Leave us a comment below sharing your thoughts. Then be sure to check back here on Soap Opera Spy to get all the latest up to date information on what’s going on inside the “Big Brother” house.

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