Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Nicole Finds Eric’s Letters – Will They Let Her Forgive Him?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Nicole Finds Eric's Letters - Will They Let Her Forgive Him?

When Nicole (Arianne Zucker) finds a mysterious bundle of letters meant for her on, Days of Our Lives, her feelings toward Eric (Greg Vaughn) take an astonishing turn. Will the words he wrote to her finally help mend the rift between them?

Even though the two are working together in close quarters, Nicole has a hard time being around Eric. He’s the reason her fiancé died, and the sight of him rips her heart in two on a daily basis.

Neither one has a shiny gold past, and that’s the reason they’re being forced to share office space. Eric was once a noble man of the cloth, but his life has been on a downward spiral since renouncing the priesthood.

Long story short, he chose to drive drunk one night and caused an accident that claimed the life of Nicole’s husband-to-be. He was sent to prison, but served his time and is now back home in Salem working at the Horton Center.

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Nicole was assigned to serve out her community service hours under Eric, hence their proximity. Neither one of them is crazy about the situation, but both are resolved to make the best of it. Why is Nicole doing time, so to speak? Because she kidnapped her baby and fled the country; it’s a long story!

But while Nicole has never been able to forgive Eric, he has lived a life of remorse. In fact he wrote a series of heartfelt letters to Nicole, but never had the nerve to mail them.

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Now that she’s come across the stack of letters, will they prove to be a turning point in their relationship?

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Healing the hurt between them would be an important milestone for both characters. Eric needs Nicole’s forgiveness before he can truly move forward and reclaim his life. Nicole needs to let go of her anger and bitterness so that she can move forward and be a healthy role model for her daughter.

Is a miracle about to take place in Horton Square?

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