Big Brother 19 Spoilers: The House Explodes After Nomination Ceremony – Details HERE!

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: The House Explodes After Nomination Ceremony - Details HERE!“Big Brother” (BB19) live feed spoilers exploded last night when feeds came back up following the Nomination Ceremony. Paul Abrahamian, the current HoH nominated Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson for eviction, calling Jessica’s bluff on her Hex’s powers. Jessica had announced after the HoH comp, that it would be foolish to go after her and Cody as the Hex would keep them safe for several weeks (not true). The Halting Hex that Jessica holds only allows her to use it one time, it halts any eviction that week, keeping all nominees safe in the house that week. This will not be the only obstacle Paul will face in naming nominees for eviction.

“Big Brother” (BB19) spoilers revealed the new twist to the game to the houseguest earlier on Friday. The ‘Temptation Competition’ is a comp that houseguest can to choose whether or not they want to play. It takes place before nominations are made. The player that comes in first is safe from eviction that week, however, the player in last place automatically goes on the block as a 3rd nominee that week. This week’s first place was Mark Jansen keeping him safe this week, and Jason Dent came in last, therefore, Jason is the 3rd nominee for the week. Jessica and Cody choose not to play hoping it would give some weight to her half truth in regards to her hex.

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“Big Brother” (BB19) live feeds come back up after the nomination ceremony to a very heated house, Jessica and Cody in complete shock (not sure why it was a shock). Paul takes Jessica and Cody up to the HoH room to try to explain his reason in nominating them. Paul says that it was a move for the house, hoping to force out what exactly the hex is that Jessica holds. Jessica’s upset because she will have to use the hex this week, and informs Paul this will be a waste of his HoH. Things really start to get heated as Cody starts to cuss Paul out, Paul just tells Cody to leave if he was going to behave in such away. They leave the HoH room, but yelling continues with others within the house.

“Big Brother” (BB19) spoilers pick up with Josh Martinez yelling at Mark. Then Josh decides to take the taunting up a notch and starts banging pots and pans. Mark snaps jumps up and heads towards Josh grabbing the pots and pans. Kevin Schlehuber tries to get in between them and they cut feeds. Surprisingly no one evicted over the incident, but both were given strict warning from production.

Meanwhile, “Big Brother” (BB19) live feeds cut to Jessica and Cody. Jessica is furious with Cody for picking a fight with Paul. Jessica then walks away from Cody to go off by herself to think. Paul approaches her again, asking if she would like to finish the conversation. She agrees, then Paul proceeds to tell her the only reason she is in this position is because of Cody, and how he is hurting her game and pulling her down. In the Have-Not room Kevin walks in to find Cody teary eyed, Cody tells him how he is upset for messing up Jessica’s game.

“BIg Brother” (BB19) live feeds show that things were starting to calm down for the night. Now the houseguest are focusing on playing for Veto and if it will be used. Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts on this explosive night. Then be sure to check back with Soap Opera Spy to stay up to date on everything “Big Brother” (BB19).

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